Frosty's Nightstalkers and Twilight Kin

Last year in lockdown I built and painted a Northern Alliance force (still not totally finished… are armies ever finished??)

This year as lockdown is still with us and as no games are getting played I needed a new project to keep me engaged with the hobby.

I decided to do Nightstalkers… I have a Twilight Kin KoW force already as I used my old Warhammer Dark Elves which were Cult of Slaanesh, so now I can expand it to a full Nightstalkers force.


I have plans for x3 hordes but only made 2 so far.
I had some spare Mantic zombies so I’ve mixed a few in for variation.
They have been painted 100% with contrast paints. I think this has saved my sanity as I usually hate painting hordes


I mixed in some reaper bones translucent purple ghosts.
Not totally sold on them but I can change them later I guess…

Shadow hounds

I had a whole bunch of GW flesh hounds which I re-painted pinky purple with contrast. I’ve not rebased as I’m not sure if I like troops or regiments yet.

Mind screeches

I love these models.

Terror/Shadow Hulk

One of my favourite models. I painted this years ago as a Cult of Slaanesh Hydra/Karribdis for my Dark Elves. But now I have crammed it onto a 75mm base.
I guess I could use this as either a Terror or Shadow Hulk


Really good work, inspiring for my own Nightstalker army I’m collecting. The colour fades are good, I was playing with the idea of contrast paints and this has pretty much made up my mind, i feel like bright contrast paints and nightstalkers and an almost perfect match. was it gw contrast paints? I’m actually tempted to try making my own after watching goobertown hobbies great youtube on it, but that might be a little ambitious…

Are you going to include a void lurker ? Have you considered any models, I like the Nylathorep from Reaper but its limited edition.

Anyway, thanks lots for sharing, please share any more you do!!


Love the pink and purple! Also re: the translucent ghosts, I think painting them ala the phantoms (pink + purple + blue) would help a lot. Or just painting them purple rather than the mismatched clear purple.


Thank listless & Boss

The Scarecrows were painted with contrast straight from the pot.
(White undercoat)

Guilliman flesh all over model
Clothes= Snakebite leather
Wood bits= wildwood
Heads =Magos purple
Tentacles =volupus pink
Tounges and blood = flesh tearers red.

I lied about 100% contrast as I did teeth and metal with normal paints then put gloss varnish on the purple and pink bits to make them slimy

The phantoms as they were a smaller batch I made my own contrast shaded and wet blended on the model from Army Painter paints and GW contrast medium

The big monster I painted yeeears ago before contrast was a thing but again that was wet blended on the model using GW paints and Lahmian medium. It remains one of my proudest paintjobs but was actually quite easy to do, the model is large so I used a big brush soaked in medium and just pulled the colours around

Thanks for the tip with the Nylathorep I love Bones models and thats nice one. Not seen it before but yes it’s a good choice for Nightstalkers. I will keep it in mind.

Not painted anymore new units yet but I have these Girls

They were my Witch Elves in Warhammer, Succubi in Abyssals, Blade Dancers in TKin
And now I think I might use them as Reapers in Nightstalkers
(I think I’ve got my moneys worth out of these models)


The painting tips are super helpful thanks! I’ve ordered some medium and contrasts and Inks and I’ll see what happens, so appreciate your time to describe your process, and the big monster (forget its GW name) is really good. Better than my standard, I’ll be just happy with a decently painted army.

I think daemonettes make great reapers and the colours are even on theme. I sold most of my warhammer stuff when they blew up the world (which I obviously regret horribly), including a demon army, I think i still have a box of the mounted ones somewhere which are superb models IMO. But that’s OK, I’m going to try and buy mantic models for my Nightstalkers simply because I want to support Mantic with an army.

I did keep one army, Woodelves, which I’m going to re-purpose as elves, i’m really not sold on the mantic line. Just need to find some models for Palace Guard because I dont really have a good proxy for them in the GW models I have.

Bashed out the final Scarecrow horde. Phew…

Nice and easy with Contrasts but still glad that phase is over

Next I have X2 horrors, a shade and Banshee to paint…


Well done on getting the terror/shadow hulk to fit!

Great looking units that go well together, the gw units fit in nicely.

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Cheers Mark!

So I knocked out the characters, I think I rushed them, I’m very impatient it seems when I really have no reason to rush!?

The Banshee is going to used for “Esenyshra” the Wailing Shadow special character. I added a flying stand to make her a bit taller.

I also finished my idea for a portal

Its a Agate slice mounted on a reaper bones translucent fungus with a reaper bones translucent tentacle emerging

I’ve recently just seen GW make this now
If I’d spotted this before I started gathering the parts for mine I might have been tempted


Mate, thats some genuinely creative modelling! Really enjoying your thread.

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Nice! Not rushing, going with the momentum.

I think the portal is a better size, the Epitome might be a bit on the small side.

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