Frosty's Northern Alliance / Varangur

The cloaks are ace, are they a conversion?

on the shield maiden sprue

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It’s a good sprue. If I hadn’t made my Hurscarls already they would have upgraded to use the Sheildmaiden shields, they are very nice.

Also it’s a box of “20” models but you can actually make 24 models out of the kit if you can supply x4 left arms from another kit!!! Luckily the Mantic bezerker arms can fit so I will be able to make x4 characters with left over maidens…

I’m going to make …

1 Master Hunter, 1 Skald, 1 Ice Blade
& perhaps a female ‘Orlaf’


Aaaaaand here they are… bored of painting I just made those 4 spare maidens into L-R

Master Hunter
Ice Blade
Red Sonia (female Orlaf)

Finally painted all the ladies…

Can be x3 Troops or Reg + Troop

Characters done

Now… back to this guy…


Can you make all the Shield Maidens as either hand weapon or shield? CAn you make them all without cloaks or do the bodies requires cloaks?

out of 24 you can make 20 without cloaks, the last 4 would have to have them… or you make 20 with cloaks and the last 4 without :slight_smile:


Yeah you can make them all HW you don’t need to make any xbow models

Note you only get 20 left arms. So if you want to make x24 ladies you need to source x4 more left lady arms.

I can mail you some if you need Jon, I have some spare Mantic bezerker arms

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I had thought of using these as Blade Dancers for Twilight Kin. No thanks to extra arms, I have enouh in my bits boxes to sort this out.

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Rider yet to start…


Lord on FrostFang/Ice Queen on moose??

I have this Moose model from Fantasy Flight (got it cheap on an online sale ages ago)

I wonder if it could make an decent proxy for a Lord on FrostFang

As you can see it’s twice the hight of a Frost fang (I have x4 Ffang models… I painted 1 for Vanguard but will probably make a unit of them soon)

… the beast is certainly big and beefy buuut is the rider not convincing as a Lord?
Her legs are moulded into the beast so would be quite an effort to switch riders unless I cut at the torso


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Not happy with the rider I bisected Red Sonia at the navel with a heated craft knife.

The cut is so clean I think I’m going to add a pin ot magnet so I can attach her to her legs again if I wish

Or she can sit astride her mighty frost-moose


Great job with the new rider. Looks like a lord now :wink:

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Agree, fits the part of a “fighter hero”. The previous one looked more like a mage.

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Started messing around with my Frost Fangs…
How on earth could you get 6 on a base!! I don’t even see how 5 could fit without serious overhangs making the unit hard to play with in games :confused:

I’m going to mess about with cork and rocks as usual as even just 4 still stick out!!


Been crazy busy with work and kids recently but finally got the Frost Fangs done.


Very nice stuff.

Did same thing with the shieldmaidens - they work nicely with the mantic ones but add some much needed variety.

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Troop of Hurscarls…
Had 7 left over from when I made the regiment ,
Used the better shields from the sheildmaidens kit and added a limited edition dude I got from a Clash of Kings UK goodie pack to make them up to 8 strong…


The project is nearing the end of the models I have (I can always buy more of course)
I totted it all up and I have 4000pts of NA… should keep me busy when the gaming clubs/tournaments open again.

The Ice Elementals have been rebased onto a horde base instead of 40mms

The Lord on Frost Moose has been painted

And I knocked out an ice Queen

The final model to paint… the GIANT.

I’m going to try to get him started with Contrast paints hence the light undercoat.

I did paint this other Mantic Giant when the kit first came out in the more traditional paint method

Will be interesting to compare the two at the end.