Frosty's Northern Alliance / Varangur

I dispite being supporter if this forum I never seem to have time to post… untill today it seems…

Due to the Covid-19 Lock down I have decided to start building an painting the NA list I’ve been slowly gathering models for since I backed the Mantic Vanguard KS and did lots of model swapsies with friends at last year’s clash to gain more NA Warbands.

Here is my progress so far…

Ice Elementals

1st unit I did (I did them last year actually and was using them as counts as Earth Elementals . There are reaper bones crystal golems in the back rank… I regret not muti basing… I will probably re-do these at the end.

Snow Trolls.

Nice big n beefy and quick to paint

Troll Primes

Just normal trolls decorated with spare bitz for back banners

War Dogs

These are SPQR War Dogs, nice models at a nice price, i also like the fact they have handlers rather than a pack of beasts which somehow know where to go/who to attack


He came with the Kickstarter so I painted him. He may feature in my lists as a character… not sure yet but he was fun to paint regardless.

Now WIP.

Hurscal Regiment

Base is prepped, models undercoated… just 15 is going to be a tight squeeze… no idea how you could possibly fit the full 20!!

Ice Niaiad Horde.

I’ve prepped a base and managed to trade my way to getting 36 ice naiads… assembly looks a daunting prospect… they look quite fiddly.

More to come when I next have time



Looks nice and frosty … frosty :smiley:

How did you do those Ice Elementals? They look like they are almost clear in places!

Hi Remy…
Years of practice

Not that’s a lie
If you backed the Kickstarter you got limited edition clear blue resin ones!!


Ohhh ok. Well I wasn’t even into this hobby during any Mantic KoW kickstarters anyway. Luckily not something I’m after or I would be really quite annoyed by that… :upside_down_face:

But they look great anyway :slight_smile:

HURSCARLS! X15 for a regiment so PMC compliant… I’m not sure how 20 could fit anyway as they pretty bulky dudes.

I made their base sloped to help them fit and hopefully look more menacing.


Change of pace going to do a monster next…

I had this Reaper bones model kicking about (from an old Ratkin project) and thought it might make a good Cave Dweller (official model is not due till the autumn I think?)

Really I’m just putting off the 36 ice naiads I have to assemble…


Love that model. Huscarls looking boss too :slight_smile:

Cavern Dweller

Knocked it out on a nice quiet afternoon.


Wow fast work! Looks utterly meanacing

Perfect Cavern Dweller! :clap:

These Ice Naiads are killing my enthusiasm to paint…

This is what’s keeping me going though. It arrived in the post today so I’ve given it a warm soapy bath so it’s ready to build as soon as the final Naiad is done.


Boom. Finally finished the Naiads. Not my finest work but then I get bored quickly with hordes… just so repetitive


Great army you have coming along.

Live the Huscarls where did you get those models from?


The Hurscarls are the Mantic models for Hurscarls,
Its a bit annoying Mantic are not selling Hurscarls separately yet you either need to buy a NA army set OR NA Vanguard warbands.

I managed to get mine from swaps at last year’s Clash of Kings (everyone got a Vangaurd warband) or trading on Facebook group (that’s how I got all my Naiads too)

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After a month of no hobby ( I had a dose of the dreaded Covid 19 :frowning: ) i have finally found the enthusiasm to get back into it… and I’ve had a very productive couple of days…

I’m building not 1 or 2 but 5 units at the same time.
A regiment , and 4 Troops

Started the bases

Mantic Dwarves for the regiment

Sheildmaiden Rangers for a troop of Icekin Hunters

Just not a fan of the mono pose mantic Hunters. I’ve got 22 (yes 22) of the official Mantic models for Icekin Hunters but reckon I will sell them as they not for me

And x3 troops of half elf bezerkers, these are Mantic half elves mixed with Sheildmaiden infantry

I wanted to spice up my Bezerkers as I didn’t want just the mono pose bodies of the Mantic models hopefully they will look good together when painted


great to see you back and at it. How are you finding the shieldwolf maidens, the photos put me in mind of the Mantic sisters, limbs seem very static, but the scale looks spot on from your photos

It’s nice to work with plastic minis, much easier to clean and glue than resin/pvc

I do like the Sheildmaiden sculpts but yeah when you actually assemble them they have fewer poses than I imagined when I ordered them

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Dwarf Regiment painted, I’ve ordered some sheild decals (White Wolf heads) so might add those later if they look good.

Think these will be nice sold unit strength to camp on a home objective or lug about some gold(tokens)


Finally finished next 2 troops,

Bezerkers and Icekin Hunters


damn you’re getting through these at a rate of knots, I really need to pull my finger out otherwise I’ll have nothing to show for lockdown :slight_smile:

They have turned out beautifully the shieldwolf minis don’t stand out at all, excellent way to break up the same poses from the restics