Frosty's Northern Alliance / Varangur



I let out some choice language when I did that. Luckily I managed to get alot of it back in the pot via sucking it up with a syringe.

I don’t know man, the skin does somehow look natural to me and these “marks” make it kind of special as in “not perfect” which is exactly what skin should be on a giant or any creature really.

But it’s down to personal taste, of course :wink:

It’s been a while but as I’ve not painted anything for a while I thought I’d treat myself to a Real frost giant

Should be fun to paint…


i love the Mantic Frost Giant model and it was a great model to paint, enjoy…

Are you going to try contrast paint on the flesh again? I’ve just read your trials and tribulations above, and have to say I like the contrast paints in general, it’s like 2 coats for the price of 1, but the flesh tone I’ve got doesn’t come out well on larger areas either. And I don’t mean a massive giant, just a regular man with no shirt on.


I actually did give contrast another go. I used it for his skin and the ice club. And the wood.
However for the skin and ice I made my own mix from GW blue and purple washes and the contrast medium. I made sure to watch it as it dried (Yes I watched paint dry) to make sure it didn’t go blotchy this time.
Pretty happy with the results.


Nice one, giving it another go. He looks really good and the skin tone looks excellent

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Very nicely done

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Nice. I’ve two part built/painted and have struggled over how to do them - the mix of lots of fairly plain flesh and all those bloody straps doesn’t fit my paint style!

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There are a lot of straps, but dry brushing and washes gets most of them as they are well recessed, to be fair, at least on the Frost Giant upgrade parts… the ones around the original model less so

Managed a bit of Xmas painting.

Made a regiment and 2 troops of Pack Hunters

Still got more models I could make into another reg or 2 troops but going to see how I like to play them before I commit.


They look great, and are sweet models. However, despite them now being regular infantry, i’m still not convinced of their choice on the battlefield. Certainly, i would spend the extra points for Javelins, but i’d stick to troops rather than investing in regiments. The Stealth and Pathfinder are great, but the Defence 3 compared to 5 on the Clansmen makes thm weaker in combat, and there are units that do whatever the Pack Hunters do, just as well or better IMHO. I do still field a troop of them though, as astetically, they are very cool.

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I do think troops will be the way to go, My plan is for a list with x3 hordes of Ice Elementals, Hrimm and screens of packhunters and snow foxes as my centre

lots of piercing short range shooting
I plan to push in the face of the enemy (I have flank for force of Frostfangs and lord on Ffang.

I will stagger the screen so the ice elementals can shoot through the gaps but keep the gaps less than 120mm so enemy hammers like cav or monsterous inf/cav can’t reach the Ice Elementals and have to hit the screen if they want to engage ( the ice boys can they counter charge and possibly find flanks with surge tricks)

Not yet tested though as not played many games this year :frowning: :frowning:


These are so cool! Great job

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Thanks Steve hopefully 1 or 2 will feature on your upcoming NA video I would be dead chuffed if they did.

Love your vids btw