I made a Goblin Slasher almost from scratch:

…and a Mincer Troop

…and I painted Mawbeasts


Love em!

The slasher has a real Labyrinth vibe to it :wink:


Lovely! I really dig the uniqueness of them!

On a non-related sidenote. I love non-green gobz!


sweeeeet ! @V-Dawg

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That looks great!
I love the aesthetic; which oddly disquieting, in the way that goblins should be.
Plus those coversions are wonderful!
Done well and create the vibe nicely.


Those are Dungers, right? From … Scrapforged? Or something similar? They look great as mawbeasts, and I love the big furry dude that you matched to them.

EDIT: Ramshackle! https://shop.ramshacklegames.co.uk/


This is the army I am taking to a tournament this weekend (most of the army is not painted by me, but by my brother):


Latest news. Played in a tournament. Found out I need mote chaos. Lets start with a Winggit!


For 295 points, add these four models:
-Groany Snark (King with wingsuit upgrade)
-3x goblin blaster.

That’s a lot of chaos! Individually, these work fabulously or not at all, combined, they are garantueed mayhem!

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Yes that sounds like chaos. Currently I am replacing my two hordes of troll with two hordes of rabble. I will use the points left over from this to get myself a goblin blaster and a war trombone. I also made small changes that let me buy a Winggit. I hope this will give me more staying power, more maneuverability, more shooting, more drops, and more BANG! I already field the Boomstick-formation so it should be fun to play too.

You’re in the same phase as I am. Recently played a tournament with my goblins too and I too am in the process of tuning my army to how I want it. My recent additions are elsewhere on this forum.

My current list is:

3x rabble horde, mawpups
2x luggit reguiment, mawpups
Mincer Mob troop
2x mawpup launcher
3x sharpstick thrower
3x goblin blaster
Groany Snark
Flaggit, lute of bane chant
Wizz, bane chant, inspiring talisman
Formation (mounted king, 2x fleabag regiment)

21 drops, 28 unit strength.
I love the army, but would like to have some more scoring units. Of the 21 only 12 score. Also, I’d like Magwa and Joós included, but I don’t know what to drop.

What’s your list?

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This is mine:
Goblins [2300]

  • Rabble (Infantry) Horde (40) [125]

  • Rabble (Infantry) Horde (40) [125]

  • Fleabag Rider Sniffs* (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [165]
    Fire-Oil [5]

  • Mawbeast Pack* (Cavalry) Troop (5) [80]

  • Mawbeast Pack* (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [120]

  • Mawbeast Pack* (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [120]

  • Magwa’ns [1] (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [130]

  • Mincer Mob* (Chariot) Troop (2) [160]

  • War-Trombone (War Engine) 1 [65]

  • Goblin Blaster (Monster (Chariot)) 1 [65]

  • Winggit (Monster) 1 [120]
    Ramming Speed! [0]

  • Goblin Slasher (Titan) 1 [225]
    Aura (Rampage (Melee - D3) - Beast only) [15]

  • Flaggit (Hero (Infantry)) 1 [65]
    Lute of Insatiable Darkness [25]
    Bane Chant (2)

  • Magwa & Jo’os [1] (Hero (Large Cavalry)) 1 [150]
    Lightning Bolt (4) [0]

  • King on Chariot (Hero (Chariot)) 1 [130]

  • [F] The Bangstiks (Fleabag Riders - Gorp’s Explodo’matic Bangstiks) [1] (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [165]

  • [F] The Bangstiks (Fleabag Riders - Gorp’s Explodo’matic Bangstiks) [1] (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [165]

  • [F] Gorp (King on Fleabag - Gorp’s Explodo’matic Bangstiks) [1] (Hero (Cavalry)) 1 [125]


Let’s Winggit!


Loving it @V-Dawg V-

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Please delete this if it is too much, but i tried på be creative and make a Mawpup Launcher. I’m really sorry!


That has to be the single best idea for a Mawpup Launcher I’ve encountered - I love it! :smile:

I’m loving the rest of the army too. The DIY monsters, the yellow & purple scheme - it’s fantastic!


Thanks a lot. I keep telling myself it’s not childish or vulgar , but rather, a celebration of life.

Some pictures from a small tournament:


looking great @V-Dawg