Going all GW for Goblins

Hello, this is the first unit for my next army and should be ready for 4th edition :slight_smile: Decided to go for GW models as I prefer the look to the Mantics models. Mantic’s trombones lobbers and bolt throwers will probably make it in though. hopefully with multibasing and some converting to make up some of the units it should be a good Kings of War army. Have kept it all flat without any big bits of scenery on the base so far, what do you think?

Edit:-have taken a better photo.


Nice work, the red is very striking and reminiscent of GWs “red period”. I don’t multibase myself and rarely use unit fillers, so I don’t think the lack of terrain on the unit base is a bad thing at all. Some unique conversions will give the army a nice touch, looking forward to seeing the rest :slight_smile:

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Next unit done made from Savage Boarboys and squig hoppers to make Fleabag Riders. I also prefer the colour in this photo it is more ‘true to life’ than the photo of the Spitters. A pump wagon as a mincer is next on my list.


Going a bit slow at the moment this Mincer took longer than I though it would. Plan at the moment is to do another pump wagon and magnetize them both and do two bases so I can use them at either size in 3rd edition. Have started a Wiz and have filled in the hole in the squigs where the riders should be to use them as a maw beast pack.


I love your painting!

And respect for going all GW. I can understand that GW gobbo’s look better than Mantic’s spitters, but I can;t stomach the price. The new Mantic Goblins are a lot better (but also somewhat more akin to GW prices) so you might look at these.

As I started a goblin detachment some time ago (posted the link on the forum before, but here’s it again: https://kingsofwarvince.business.blog/2019/01/15/the-curious-case-of-my-goblin-detachment-2/) I can easily spot the differences.

You’re a much better painter than I am, yet I do love the basing part of the hobby. Funny to see that we started out with more or less the same units, though. (also have a regiment of fleabags in the pipeline as soon as my trolls are finished)

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Thanks, I think spitters must be a good starting point for a goblin army. Nice trombone not sure how I am going to do mine yet. Gw prices might be a bit high but I am buying a few models a month as I am not going that quick with the painting. Will see how it goes some Mantic machines might end up in the army I think some sort of Winggit of some sort will have to get done sometime.

Have done a Maw Pack unit from the left over squig hoppers . Plan now for the Mincers Mobs is to put one Pump Wagon and some bits on a 100mm x 100mm base as troops for 3rd. Trying to keep all the models within the footprint to make gaming easier. Have started a couple of wizs and a horde unit of Sharpsticks the Mincers were going so slow I decideed to put them on the backburner for a bit.


Slow and steady get’s the worm :slight_smile: one more unit done a horde of Sharp Sticks, it took even longer as I switched to start painting some trolls half way through the unit to have a change. But at least now it should no take so long to do the next unit as there is only four of them. The Wizs are nearly done…although thinking about I kind of want them mounted on flea bags now. Also thinking of making a Magwa and Jo’jos using a squig.


I love the skin color here, and your choice for robes.
Fine work all around please keep posting.

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Lovely looking army there mate!

absolutely amazing work. Love the red and keep the pics coming!

Used some Turquise contrast paints on these. Have started on some Rabble using gnoblars models, Wingits using converted flying squigs and a Wiz on fleabag from a goblin on a boar. Once I have got to 2000points I might go back and a few extra bits to the bases.


Those trolls look great!

Flying squigs sound interesting…

Yes I like it how the goblin infantry pic reflects your basing choices — flat surface, and mostly models not terrain pieces. It think that looks best with forces like Gobbos.

They’re really good :+1: I especially like the sharpsticks.

Have finaly finished some Rabble. Been enjoying painting some nice models for this army I even like the gnoblar models but they are the only ones so far to be badly cast (are plastic models cast?) which is a shame as I think I might want to add some more rabble later. Just 3 Wiz’s, Magwa & Joo’s, 2 sharpstick Throwers and Mawpup launcer and I’ll be at 2000 points painted. (edit forgot 2 Wingits still need finishing too)

1st Regiment of Rabble

2nd Regiment of Rabble

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Hello, got some Wingits done using the plastic squig hoppers, Pistoliers Blunderbuss and Dark Eldar Scourges Wings. The Sharp Stick throwers are nearly finished too but being metal I might Varnish them when finished they are the first Metal models in this army the pump wagon is finecast (which is fine by me) but the rest is plastic.


Those look great. The squigs and the wings go together really well.

Minor suggestion - how about a few mushrooms or something on the empty parts of the bases?

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I really really love these for themed Wingits! :grin:

Permission to steal the wings-on-squigs idea one day! :smiley:

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Well, I stole it and changed it a bit from here :-https://taleofpainters.blogspot.com/search?q=flying+squig

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