Graveyard Rodeo (Undead Army)

Hey people,
I was pushed into this forum by one @WolleK (thanks so far, very cool and useful stuff as far as I’ve seen :ok_hand: ), and since my last tabletop forum (carpe noctem aka is dying more and more (no signs of the refreshment of undeath in sight, unfortunately), I’ve decided it’s time now to start kind of a new army plog. Not exactly a progress thing, because my undead stuff is finished more or less, but who here dares to say he/she won’t add some things from time to time :wink:
Recently a good friend of mine, who is into the photography hobby, did me a huge favor and we sat down, had some beers, and took more or less professional pics of my finished units and models. So now is the perfect opportunity to start a new plog/showcase thing for my undead army, which I am collecting for over 15 years now - some years quietly, others very active and progressing. I’m far from being a pro painter, I am quite satiesfied with most of my stuff, but started some things very early when I hadn’t heard about thinning, layering, airbrushing and so on, so the painting level quality of what I will post here is quite mixed - show mercy :smiley:
I started KoW after the fall of WHFB, when for a short but dark time I saw myself exiting the hobby. I got introduced in KoW by a very lucky chance, but won’t bother you with more explaination :wink: After some nights of rebasing and positioning, I had my army adapted to my new favorite system… have fun, and I’m always open and happy with any feedback. I won’t post everything at all of course, but let’s start with some basic (and old) core stuff.

Zombies: You’ll find them in my lists. Always. Mostly in hordes, sometimes in legions, but always at least 3 units.


PS (for last post) : The pics aren’t all different units, sometimes they were just rearranged for picture variety…

Next batch,
Skeletons: I don’t use them as often as I could, mostly because they are too expensive for what I use masses for. But in third ed I think I will field them once more, to alter my current lists to some more “elite” style… yeah… with skellies :sweat_smile:


Here we go with
Ghouls: Nothing I really like to play. Than, in Warhammer times, I played them mainly against ogres and high resi foes, but now I don’t see that much efficiency in my lists for them. I don’t blame them to be bad, but for my playstyle they simply don’t fit. I can’t really remember the last time I used them in KoW :thinking: If anyone has a good suggestions how to use them in a sinister way or something, I’d be happy to give them chances to proof their usefulness :wink:


Very nice!! And welcome :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile: I will post some more stuff the next days, today I was rudly interupted at work by some customers :roll_eyes: :smile:

Next up, have some
Revenants: (mounted / unmounted) I use them from time to time, they are mainly remains of my former Black Knight and Grave Guard units of course, which I loved to play. In KoW again, I usually use Soul Reaver Cav, and have those guys as proxys as long as I didn’t have a finished horde of Soul Reavers… And while there is no undead chariot in KoW (excluding EoD of course), I integrated the black coach into that unit. I think it fits well, let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Quality stuff so far - and nice thematic photos

Speaking of which…
Soul Reaver Cavalry: Even after the cav nerve in 3rd, I still like them as a reliable hammer and threat. Mostly flanked by 2 zombie hordes, and even if they fall in round 2-3 by (cowardly) range attacks, they hold much foes off by simply being on the table. IMHO the nerve was too hard for the points they cost now, but I learned to love and play them, even more for their style of just symbolise pure vampiric impact power.

Some more hammer,
Wights (or now, this mix of Barrow Wights and normal Wights): Not sure how I like this back and forth of flying wights and non flying wights…but here we are. I used a mix of 3 units to put wights on the table, back in 2nd ed CoK 19, I was happy to have a way to use my Vargheist models again, and took them as Barrow Wights, easily shown by the wings. The “normal” wight guys are one of the few original mantic minis I really like (please don’t judge me, I was and am a GW kid, but even more I like to mix whatever I see fitting in my army or simply just like). But I didn’t wanna spend more money on my (already not small) undead army, and so I bought only one box and put some GW Hex Wraiths, which where already finished, on the base too. It works for me, and most guys I played with weren’t confused by the mix of cavalry and large inf models :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: Most credit definitely goes to my buddy who took the pics, I’ll forward the compliments :v:

For today I close with an anvil…
Zombie Trolls: …or, I think, one of the best upgraded units in 3rd (for me at least, because I used them before, and they only got better now with def5 and the possibility of getting vicious. The wounded hard before, and now the wound even harder. Win win for me :smiley:

On the other hand, a very big loose, we have with
Wraiths: Speed 7 is really a downer. I LOVED them in 2nd, now I’more tempted to use a second Lykanis instead of them. 180-in-the-back-surge was hard to achieve before, and with S7 instead of 10 it’s not getting easier :smirk: I think it’s depending hard on the enemy army weither to play them or not.

Enough spamming for today, I hope you had some fun. And as I said, feedback is always appreciated :slight_smile: (I know that my basing sucks the way I did it, but I enrage-rebased all those guys and hadn’t had any fix and correct sized multibases at hand…so please forgive the messy base-with-visible-filling-gaps-stuff…)


Ok, got some more time, some more pics :slight_smile:

Let’s do some heroes this time :muscle::angry:

Vampires, Necs, ASB’s, Pharaos, Rev Kings…mounted and on foot, I spare my description because those small guys differ relatively much in my lists, the big guys who will come the next days will get some more words :wink:

You may recognize some faces, at least I hope so :smiley:
Cheers, Theerteen


Okaydokay, some more today.

For now we have

Lykanis: One of my late discovered, but from this point always used and loved unit. This guy kicks ass in every way, there were games he single-handedly took out knight regiments in 2 turns. So, what was there left to do but using 2 of them? :smiley:
(here is a little game, try to figure out the kitbash on the winged one :wink: )

Starting with wolves, ending with wolves, or better
Werewolves: Like Ghouls, not my cup of tea. I have 4 Regiments / 2 Hordes to use them when I wanna try something new, but I just think they don’t really fit into the undead theme (like pharaos and mummies btw., which I would like to see in EoD exclusively, and I know I might be alone with this point of view - at least as someone playing undead :stuck_out_tongue: )


And I recognised I forgot one hero -
Vampire on undead pegasus: More or less depending on my mood if I use it, in v3 there was no game in which a Lykanis would not have been the better and cheaper choice. But we’ll see, she will have her purpose coming.


Pretty spiffy and characterful army! Loving it

Do you perhaps have a group shot of your army? Should be pretty impressive

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
By chance, I have this group shot, mostly because I wanted to see if my buddy was able to capture this stuff :smile: It’s not that atmospheric because of the white background, but I think it works quite ok:
(the individual heroes are missing here, but you get the idea of the chunk of dead stuff I’ve gathered for many years now :sweat_smile:)


I fully expected Pharoah & Mummy units to be exclusive to Dust in 3rd.
Great army !!
What does your list look like in 3rd ?

Thanks man, and let me say, great profile pic xD

I never was a friend of the mixed undead stuff, and celebrated when GW separated them back in the days in Khemri and VC. But I can live with it :slight_smile:

“What does your lost look like in 3rd ?” - Can you help me out here, what exactly do you mean with “lost”? I’m not that fit with the KoW abbreviations :sweat_smile:

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Ha Thanks! I’m starting Kingdoms of Men…so new avatar.

Lost? List!! Yeah…predictive text is great …what the duck.

Great army. Undead is looking pretty good in 3rd.

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Yeah! Here they are! Your banners look fantastic (in reality they look even better!). Although I cannot quite remember winning against your undead army, it always is a pleasure seeing masses of dead flesh on the table…



The last games I did were mostly in preparation (and execution) for a tournament, so the list was kind of nasty to play against, except for the one guy that shot me completely off the table with a dwarf sucker list (sorry Gregor falls du das liest, ich trage immer noch Narben xD). The list was like this:
2 Z Hordes,
1 Z Legion with Diadem of DK,
2 troops Wraiths,
2 Hordes Z Trolls,
1 Horde Soul Reaver cav with Blessing of the gods,
1 Lykanis with Blade of Slashing,
1 Rev King on undead flying Wyrm with Brew of sharpness
1 Necro with inspirational talisman

Not that much the list but the placement is fun to bring on, because, and that’s what I officially call it, it’s just a chunk of meat I slowly push forward in one big block, flanked/secured by speedy boys :slight_smile:

But I just recognized you said 3rd, the one I posted was 2nd. Not sure if I will stay with wraiths, because as I mentioned their speed nerfe is making them highly unattractive for what I use them. Maybe some speeding up the whole thing with wolves and ghouls, who knows.

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Good morning everyone,
some few pics are left to go, at least for the undead guys. So no time wasting, here I make a little excursion to the dusty boys - with a basement of finished skeletons, and a sh*t ton of unassembled Khemri stuff on my pile of shame, it would be stupid to not at least peek over there for future army plans. So, to have a start made, I painted the Khemri Warsphynx (or whatever which version of the kit is called), and have a

Reanimated Behemoth: Can’t say anything about how to play it. because I never did so far :smiley:

And, while talking about EoD, or at least the crossovers to Undead, I’ve built a balefire catapult some time ago, because a friend gave me his Gnoblar Scraplauncher… Now that I’m working on a Goblin army, I’m kind of annoyed to have “wasted” that model, but I won’t go back to undo it. Way too much conversion work :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it again for today, I’m going to be quite drunk the next 2 days, but I’ll be back for the last 4 units :slight_smile:


I would love to know your paint scheme for the dark green ghost units. I was thinking of a look like that for my nightstalker spectres. Neat looking army!