This is likely to be a vaguely meandering army construction blog than anything really resembling a showcase for the time being!

Have a few ghoul units to finish for my undead before approaching the next project, which has been given a nice kick by the mantic halfling news. :wink:

Basing & paint scheme is aimed at fitting in with some other Fireforge stuff I did for a KoM/Brothermark army (so works both as LoR and whatever the new halfling army looks like).

Models wise, have a couple of boxes of the wargames Atlantic halfling infantry, some TTCombat pig riders (and a couple of the war machines), some bits and pieces from black tree (emu riders, a bard etc) and a paymaster from Westphalia. The mantic stuff looks good, should scale OK (see chef with frying pan) but not entirely on point with others.


you can’t beat a meandering army construction post to watch how it grows.
Loving the wee bard and chef. The chef reminds me of the Halfling bloodbowl team


How did you get the chef out of the Iron beast?!

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the freezer is the easiest way superglue is very brittle when frozen and makes removing things easy and painless.

…or grab it and wrench it out and hope for little glue

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Did @Gerrcinn approach!

Dumped the Iron Beast in the freezer over night and removed a couple of side panels and the cook with knife/pliers. It’s ‘boardgame’ standard plastic so OK to do without really ruining detail


fabtastic - I will try it

That halfling Angus Young is AWESOME! Who do you say is making it, Black Tree?

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Yeah, in this range:


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