How is withdrawal rule a nerf?

I see where people say the new errata is a nef to square bases, especially units like bone giants. I don’t see it, can someone explain to me how this hurt these units?

Fundamentally it means that surgeable units can’t simple withdraw slightly and change face/turn 180 and get surged into another unit - unless they are able to completely end the appropriate distance(s) clear. This is a lot harder than previous when units are in close proximity


Thank you, I hadn’t thought about surge being an issue. I thought maybe it had to do with the must withdrawal 1 inch.

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I made a video on it.
and by the way, it was only a nerf for players who abused the rule. I have friends who always assumed they had to go a full inch and so were not at all hurt by the change.


Thank you, that helped lot! I had missed the part about advance and at the double movement not being allowed.


Yeah, the rule changes were put in place to try to stop “unrealistic” disengaging or running away for units, esp the nimble square based ones.

Note that if you were engaged in the flank, you can potentially advance/at the double away from the enemy (as you may not need to Withdraw)