I made a 3d printable Island Terrain pack

Have been working on this for a while now, it’s designed to cover everything from the map pack on Mantic’s website, with dimensions to match the suggested sizes in the terrain guide there. So, there’s islands of various sizes, sand banks, rocks and a harbour.

The islands can be printed in Vase Mode to use almost no plastic at all and be really fast to print, the idea with this set is that it’s a tournament organiser’s best friend since a whole table of terrain can be printed in a day for a very low cost.

Anyway, here’s the link to the STL files, enjoy!


Great idea and thank you!

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Now to print 12 packs of this… :smiley:

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Awesome, glad to hear it’ll be useful! With vase mode, I think the price works out at something tiny like 5p of filament per island, and the prints are hollow so they store easy.

Painting was pretty straightforward, sand glued on top, then basic grey drybrush + washes of brown/green in places to break it up.
I used a mixture of flock, static grass and clump foliage on the tops to give some variation, with flat tops on the island you can easily add buildings, with the harbour there’s a large landmass where some walls or a fort can be added and a smaller outcrop for a lighthouse.

I’m having problems uploading the files to thingiverse at the moment, but I did make a collection of other random interesting files I found on there , lots of lighthouses, rocks and some 10mm/6mm terrain which could work nicely: