Islands & Inlets: 3D printable naval scenery

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share my latest kickstarter project, a selection of nautical scenery suitable for Armade, three years ago I made a freebie set of scenery which was really well received, so I decided to massively expand on it!

Freebie set can be found here: I made a 3d printable Island Terrain pack

It’s going pretty well so far, with the initial 6 sets of scenery expanded into 38(!) sets through stretch goal overload, and there’s plenty more to come.

The offerings are split into 4 different categories

  • Natural terrain like Islands, sand banks, shorelines, icebergs, volcanoes, coral reefs etc.
  • Buildings, including modular ports, defences and settlements, for both humans and a variety of different fantasy factions.
  • “Exotic Isles” - Weird and wonderful fantasy islands which float, are covered in crystals, pyramids or bones or are actually giant monsters (possibly the “largest” wargames mimic model ever sculpted?)
  • Sea Monsters! Because everyone loves cute pets.

Inspired by the good old Reaper Bones Kickstarters, I have made some fun little treasure maps and a little backstory to go with them in the updates (sea monster bones found on the isle of bones, map to atlantis found on the isle of the ancients etc.) just to make things a little more exciting:

Here’s a link to the project if you would like to check it out:

And here’s some of the sculpts, treasure maps and preview renders:

Have a look and let me know what you think!


Pretty cool! I am subscribed to the Mantic Vault, so I already got a few pieces of terrain. The problem is, I got a resin printer with a relatively small printer bed. Would you be able to part rhose islands into smaller chunks? I know, it can be done by myself, but precut with joints would be much prefered.
With that included it would be a no-brainer for me. Those natural island are brilliant.
Otherwise I’m on the edge.

The natural islands pictured will fit on a standard resin print bed, they’re around 12cm at their largest dimension without the need to split them, the smaller ones are around 8cm so print without issues.

The fortifications and other pieces are supplied in modular kit format, and in resin printer friendly sizes, same applies to all the various fantasy islands, each one will fit on to a resin print bed. The thing that allows them to fit is being angled on their side, none of the pieces are particularly tall, and usually resin printers have one dimension which isn’t so great, but the other two are quite sizeable, so it’s the angling on the print bed which allows them to fit nicely.

Anything that goes over 6" or 150mm will be split into multiple pieces for resin, but that will be the exception rather than the standard for the files since at this scale everything is still quite small.

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Perfect! A lot of 3d print projects have larger printer than my Halot One in mind. Thanks for the info!
I’ve backed it now.