Keno's all Mantic Sylvan Kin

@MarkG Yes, thar would be possible. Maybe I have to take a closer look on the Stormwind riders.
@MechaSturgeon Good idea. I like the models actually and I think it would look more wild with centaurs, elves, panthers and treemen.

I finally finished my Boskwraiths! They are basically Gladestalkers with two handweapons and a few critters on the base. I still like the Mantic Elves, especially as Sylvan Kin, due to their ‘alien’ look.

PS: I know, the critters are not 100% Mantic, but I count them as base decoration like tufts😉


Those look great! :slight_smile: I was also thinking about modifying the standard Elves a bit, double weapons for Boskwraiths sure works and looks great. I’ll probably use the same models with bows and add some cloaks to make Gladestalkers for my army eventually. :wink:

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The base for the Hunters of the Wild incl two test models:

This is going to be the unit leader:

Once the colours are chosen, this unit should be easy to paint.

A LoI Gladestalkers will become my Master Hunter:

And the Green Lady will be mostly fielded as an Archmage:


Only slight progress made.

I will paint the monopose Hunters in different colours of wood, maybe try a birch one. But it will still be challenging to make them look different from each other. Conversion options are not that great, but I like the overall look.


Not exactly @Sceleris speed, but I finished two Hunters of the Wild. I’ll have ti speed things up, but I think this will a really cool unit once done.


Shaping up nicely! Are you going maximum model count?

The different colours for the Hunters was a good idea. Turning out great!

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Thanks @MarkG , @MechaSturgeon ,

I’m going for PMC. I had to buy quite a few of those Hunters on Ebay. Not exactly a bargain.


Gives you some space for trees and foliage!

Yep! Although, there won’t be too much space. The models are quite big and the tree does the rest.

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Keen to see more of this army!

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Thanks, keen to work more on this army. Time is an issue though atm.

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I finished 5 Hunters of the Wild (and a squirrel):


Finally the Hunters are finished! The base is not final of course. More pictures soon.



You should be proud @KptKeno. You made that sculpt go a long way!


Fun and fearsome trees!

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What a great looking unit, and I’m guessing totally unique in the world, I doubt there’s another all Mantic regiment of Hunters out there. Such an improvement over the dozens of GW dryad units kicking around tables.

Dig the different shades as well, and the inclusion of the non-legged tree :wink:


Thanks everyone! It was a nice unit to paint, even with the monopose sculpt. I think the outcome is quite nice, they certainly have a ‘woody’ feel.