Kings of War Siege Rules and vid battle report

Game here with siege rules for V3 link in description, enjoy :slight_smile:


I’ll joyfully watch this later! Thanks for recording and uploading in advance!


@Gerrcinn worked out Siege rules too. I put them in a layout and Mantic granted permission to publish them if they stay free.
I don’t know how much they differ from yours. Maybe you too have a read through them and check out the best suitable for 3rd edition. Maybe it would be cool to put your modelling appendix into the otherone as well.

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Thanks Keno, no I hadn’t seen that, nice work!! :slight_smile:

As I mention the rules I updated use some ideas from Bloodwild that I found on the net plus some of my own tweaks. In particular changes are:

  • castle towers are treated similarly to wall sections (but can’t be assaulted except hindered by siege towers), due to the size of the Renedra castle where they fit full units easily.
  • siege towers don’t disapear, can hold more units, and cost more
  • all attackers get free ladders, all defenders except individuals get free improvised missile weapons (may change this but it simplifies army list creation, same as WFB years ago).
  • up to one individual can be put in a section additional to a unit, but if the sectino is attacked both are attacked, one with full attacks and one with half (attackers choice)
  • only cavalry, large cavalry and chariots cannot garrison (so swarms/monsters/titans, monstrous infantry can, to expand range of possibilities).
  • points of equipment standardised in 25 poitn increments.
  • battering ram doesn’t have blast, instead it gets +D6 attacks, and all attacks are at crushing strength +2 (due to feeling it was too powerful vs gate otherwise).

I supsect there isn’t a better version here, but rather it is down to personal preference for rules and the sort of castle you have. But feel free to use anything you like from my stuff!!


Round Castle Small I use this castle.


Interesting I didn’t know that one existed, though I have 8 of the buildings that company made.

What are the dimensions of the walls on that one?

Are you talking about Renedra or Fireforge?

The fireforge castle.

Here are some pictures:

Wall sections are exactly the same size as the gate section.

The angle between wall and tower is customizable. After assembly, it’s fixed though.
I bought the small castle set, plus a wall section. I’ll cut that extra wall section in half and put it to either side of the gate section, to create a longer (according to @Gerrcinn 's rules) section.

PS: Those are centimeters on the pictures btw

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Many thanks, it’s helpful to know size of various kits. Walls are a similar height to the Renedra one then, but length and depth less.

For comparison Renedra walls are about 21 cm long and walkway 4cm deep, though depth can easily be increased to 7cm as I show in document in vid. Renedra towers are also bigger,able to fit a regiment of 25mm bases (125mmx100mm) both on top and in middle section if you lift roof off. Renedra one is not designed to have wall gate, hence how I made a gate tower instead in my rules.

Wow, I don’t have even have a copy of that anymore. I thought it lost to time.
I’m pretty sure I just based it around the Siege rules from KoW 1st edition.

Ha that’s interesting, thanks though Boodwild :slight_smile:

I found your rules just by googling Kings of War Siege and they turned up here:

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Oh cool, thanks!
I had those on a blog that I used for our local KoW group, some homebrew stuff, and just general gaming stuff.
I deleted it like 4-5 years ago though, haha.

I’ll have to dig more into your document. Can’t wait to try your siege rules.

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