Kings of War - The lost treasure of Atricar chapter 2 : Battle for the stone of Voldir

This is the second Chapter of Atricar’s Lost Treasure.

You can find the previous episode HERE

The cursed lute needed to activate the Stone of Voldir and get hold of Atricar’s ancient treasure was lost by the orcs who had just stolen it from the dwarves. However, the two armies are too close to be able to embark on further research. The priority now is to secure the Stone of Voldir and crush the opponent.

The game of Vanguard having resulted in a draw, Nicolas and I continued with the battle of Kings of War having to decide the control of the Stone of Voldir. Boss Ugrosh’s horde confronts Faber Ironheart’s Dwarf Expeditionary Force.

I would like to thank Nicolas again for his participation.

The video battle report is available on my Youtube channel (English subtitles)

The text battle report is on my blog (use google trad function to read in english)