KoW in 2023

’ * NEW PLASTIC ALERT! As well as the new Ambush sets, two of our Mantic IP armies will be getting new hard plastic kits, new models and Army sets in the summer! Anyone who has seen the new Ogres will appreciate the new standard we have set ourselves and we cant wait to get them into your hands! Both the updated Armies will also see a new Ambush starter set hitting the shelves upon release.’

Lets talk about this and why it’s gonna be Basileans and Dwarves!
(it’s def not Twiglet Kin 'cos they get their own paragraph)


+1 for Dwarfs, we are now having 2 factions that are hard to build from the existing kits and 1 that misses basic units in plastic
a dwarf kit that can make Imperial, Free and Northern Dwarfs with hand weapon, shield, spear and 1 ranged option

2nd one is more tricky, could be Elves, but also Naids
doubt it is Elves as this would also cover NA and than it would be 3 armies not 2


Looks like one is revealed to be Nightstalkers plastic Butchers. But could the other be…Basileans? New Elohi kit…? Go on Mantic make my year!


Depending on your interpretation of “Mantic IP” religious humans, elves and dwarfs seem generic. Trident realms and Nightstalkers feel more unique outwith cult horror and fantasy fandoms.

Also, if Twilight Kin are still involved with Nightstalkers, then new plastics for the cosmic horrors would be welcome.


Basileans are definitely considered to be Mantic IP…

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Since they have done new(ish) basilean m@à models, doing sisters and plastic elohi would go a long way to making an all mantic army possibly pleasant to do - which it isn’t at the moment!


I would expect new nightstalkers along with the Twilight Kin, there are a few gaps to fill and sprues to separate.

For the second:
While dwarfs and Baslieans both have a few gaps to fill, the current plastics are servicable and most of the range is covered. So I doubt they’re near the front of the line.
I understand the Trident Realm are in more urgent need of filling out, so they’re my guess.
I’m not familiar with the details regarding TR though.


I believe those will be Reapers for NS and Thuul for Trident. I think Ronnie mentioned Reapers specifically in one podcast and he also was mentioning thuul few times (how hard it is to build units from those resin sets that cost a ton of gold).


Now it might just be the dwarf fan in me talking, predictably, I think that dwarves might be getting a refresh.
Mantic is busy with gradually phasing out metal for resin and dwarves have a fair bit of metal.
Berserkers on foot, Ironguard, Bulwarkers, (Berserker) Lord, Bombard, Flamethrower, Sharpshooters, Battle Driller, Standard Bearer and Stone Priest.
We have had glimpses at where they want to go with the dwarves style wise (the models from Vanguard) and lets be honest several models really need new models, looking at you Ironguard and Bulwarkers.


Going into details for Dwarfs, there are 2 major and 1 minor factions that need the kit
All 3 factions need same basic weapon types of hand weapons+shield, two-handed weapons and crossbow with optional heads/bits to make Rangers
2 of the factions use spears and making them in Resin would be tricky and a source for a lot of complaints, so better in plastic too

So a single kit, similar to ogre ones could cover a lot of options though I guess only 3 different ones will fit and bits to change faction should be there as well

Naids miss some options as well though a Sisterhood box for Basilea would do a lot for that faction too
(yet Basilea needs 2-4 boxes, Paladin and Sisterhood Infantry and Cavalry)


Hi all, my money is on Basilians and (probably Free) Dwarfs. Out of the 6 ambush sets now available, we have 4 Evil and 2 Neutral factions, so I think they may balance this out?


dwarfs aren’t a Mantic IP though. I’m thinking we’re more likely to see Trident Realms and maybe some added to Basileans, although it’s more likely to be Nightstalkers which would then feed into twiglets in december

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Going thru the different podcasts, videos and the DSO Kickstarter some hints for upcoming releases:

  • Nigthstalkers are next, new Butcher and Reaper plastic kits both making 1 additional new unit
  • Sisterhood plastic kit end of the year
  • Dwarfs going big, new Imperial and Free Dwarfs with NA stuff (and something along with raven riders)
  • Elves are coming as well
  • STL files for upgrade bits are coming
  • Armada gets companion support soon, as well as STL files for the ships for subscribers to make it easier to get into the game
  • Ronni said that some people already have test-printed the ships in 28mm scale (and now I want to do this as well)
  • they are not sure what to do with Vanguard as the people who play it now really like it while others want something more simple

some personal thoughts about Vanguard and what to do with it:

Vanguard fills a niche that no one else covers at the moment, problem simply was that people expected something different
so it did not become the entry game to the Kings of War universe, but the game for people who wanted a fantasy version of Infinity
Yet Ambush fills the need of an entry to KoW better than any skirmish could do anyway as the transition from a single model skirmish to multi-based units is not really there

for the niche, Frostgrave is a very casual game focused on the single Hero, Freeboters Fate as another similar scaled game but has a very specific theme (which is not bad, just not for everyone), the same with Carnival or The Silver Bayonet and people are going for it as the historical-fantasy game are something people like and small number of models even make them buy into metal

having a miniature agnostic, complex skirmish (as ~10-15 models) game fills a gap and it would make sense to expand that with rules that are not linked to the models, like expanding a KoM list with different historical themes and/or doing more with the Undead (to get that certain horror theme of Musketeers fighting Werewolves) and this is also the game were I would say a historical supplement would add more than for KoW

that said, another gab is the 3D game which was once covered by Mortheim but while the game was good for campaigns and is still expanded with unofficial supplements, it failed as an on-off game as getting the terrain right was complicated
with 3D printing now this is less of an issue and the game sees more players because you need an awesome terrain filled table first, before you can really enjoy it

hence I can see a fantasy version of Deadzone, 60cm board with easy 3D terrain rules to get the ruined city/castle vipe, as an addition to Vanguard instead of replacing it
one game covers the 2x2 to 4x2 city fight board that would go along with KoW siege rules and Vanguard covers the larger board (4x2/3x3 to 4x4) and “open” field fights

also for terrain, modular medieval-fantasy terrain is hardly available, until recently the budget option was the russian castle-craft series which was on the smaller side (made for classic 28mm models) and not available any more for obvious reason
the other option is the Middle Earth terrain from GW, with the Gondor and Rohan sets being similar modular (but limited in compatibility to each other) and on the expansive side if you want to fill a 2x2 table with 3D terrain (specially as the LotR movie style is covered with STL files)
Archon Studio has a gothic-fantasy range, but they are hard to get (for whatever reason they are out of stock)

as Mantic is working with Archon, expanding on the Archon Terrain with a Deadzone like fantasy game and Vanguard as follow up skirmish game for those who want more

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I like the idea of making for Mordheim what KoW is to WHFB.

As much as I would like a light skirmish game from Mantic; it looks like a saturated space.
Both in terms of there already being many miniature agnostic skirmish games of various complexity and Mantic already having what a light skirmish game might do for Mantic.

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Ouch, guess i’ll need to pull my favorite dwarven themed music bundle to maximize the mood while painting this summer.

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Nightstalker Article is up


That looks terrific!

Plastic butchers and reapers look like what we asked for.
Resin horror is nice.
Multibases in the mega army is sensible.

Not sure the new units are necessary.

The void lurker looks excellent.

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big question now is, are the new units in the Nightstalker list or just for future TK lists (would prefer the 2nd option)

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I hadn’t considered that, but I agree.