KoW Predictions for The Coming Year

Something a little different this year for the Moonraker predictions for next year. I was enjoying a fine pint of Startled Moorhen in the Horned Moon Coaching Inn, Sarum’s favourite watering hole, when I met Bobadamus, a distant relative of the famous predictor, Nostradamus. Bob has inherited his ancestor’s skills in telling the future and he agreed to use Nostradamus’s recently rediscovered Tarot cards to look at the year ahead and what it holds for the Kings of War community.

You will know that the earlier predictions were couched in somewhat ambiguous quatrains and Bob uses a similar style for his predictions. Anyway, here is what he came up with. Make of this what you will.

(Dont bother reading this if you don’t like riddles)

Many shall read these words
But some will not understand
For them, the veil will not be lifted
And they shall exclaim with a multitude of ducks

In the tenth month
Nigh on a century shall dance in the flames
Many shall come
But only one shall be chosen

Those crowned ones who dwell where the bear hangs by his tail in the sky
Shall conquer again
All shall fall beneath their swords
The very ground will curse their name

The Amazon with the rainbow tresses
Shall excel
On the battlefield …
… and in the taverns

Those who previously loved only the land
Shall have the scales lifted from their eyes
The seagulls will call
And the sea will welcome them

The regal one shall continue
With great success
The lesser ones shall fall
But some may prevail

The warrior of terram mare
Shall carry the rose red banner
On his meles meles
To victory

The stars will continue on their course
But the heavens will seem the same
He who was born from an egg
Shall conquer all again

He of mighty stature from the capital
Shall defy physics
Extracting two from thirty six
On an unfeasibly large number of occasions

Those who garden the celestial orb
Shall dazzle with their raiment
Gasps of wonder
Will follow them

He who comes from the white rose
Will shape a landscape
And fashion it
Beauteous to all eyes

The man from the bovine river crossing
Will impress all he meets with his kindness and charm
And then
He will slay them

The carpet vert and scarce stealpain
From the land that is red but be not a gem
Shall plan and execute
Many conflicts

The Mark of the Giant
Will assail the land
Many creatures shall become giant
And they will multiply in numbers

The tall man from the middle lands
Has much knowledge to impart
With slurred words

The law giver of the west will pontificate
His words of wisdom will be treasured by many who will sing his praises
Well, maybe some?
Possibly one or two?

The dwellers of the west
With he who sits in the siege perilous
Will bide their time
Awaiting the call to be big uns again

The Diceman cometh
Shield your eyes lest his raiment blind you
He shares tales of great success
And bitter woe

The populace of the south ready the halls
Awaiting the time when
The head of the beach
Shall march inland

Allow the Macedonian king
He will fight on
While the flash man
Plays around in a blog


I have no idea who all these people are, but this was brilliant.

Unfortunately, the predictions do refer to events and people in the UK.

I have no idea what any of that means either!

You have to wait until the event happens and then reverse-engineer the prediction to fit!

Matt Gilbert

I am sure that you can work out what this quatrain might mean!

Those who previously loved only the land
Shall have the scales lifted from their eyes
The seagulls will call
And the sea will welcome them

I got about 50% of it!

Stuck on the bovine river crossing :thinking:

Well done. That’s about 50% more than many people!


I think that might be a reference to Ox-Ford.

I also think it could be a reference to Oxford.

Serious pooh pooh going on in jolly ol’ England right now - how weird is that! I am not a fan of 2020. I hope the vaccines help you blokes across the pond; much respect from us Yankee colonies.

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