Magnet-Ready Army Case 2.0

Made a new army case on my lunch break, cost under $30 US. The box came from Staples, everything else from Lowes. Parts list:

  • 1x Really Useful Box 17L

  • 1x Steel sheet 12x18 (cut down to 11.5x15, corners rounded)

  • 4x Carriage bolts 1/4x3/4

  • 4x Hex nuts 1/4

  • 4x Lock washers 1/4

  • 4x Rubber washers 1/4x1-1/4x1/8

For my Herd’s stacking cases I epoxied the steel down, but I really wanted to try a mechanical connection this time, to allow for the flex these plastic cases can have. One power drill montage later, job’s a good 'un! Now to magnetize my Trident and get them moved in :crab:


Looks awesome Boss! I’m looking at building one for myself this spring and this looks like a great option to me.