Making Multibasing flexible?

So, I’m still trying to wrap my head around multi-basing. I get the wound counter thing, but the biggest thing that is hard for me to understand is how to make them flexible? like, I am getting a 30 salamander ceremonial guard units, and I want to play them as a horde, regiment or troop. Is it as simple as just putting 6 guys on 125mmx50mm bases and just putting them together in a game to form one big unit?


simple as that

if you want to be flexible, you multibase with Troop sized bases and use movement trays (or just metal sheets and magnets) for the larger ones


okay, so it is that easy. Cool! What do you suggest I use for the actual bases? I got easy access to foam core, and money is a bit tight. I do want something that will last though.

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you always can glue the original plastic bases together for the multibase, put a sheet of heavy paper/thin cardboard underneath for more stability
there is no need to buy something else if your budget is tight

if you want to buy something, MDF/HDF or plywood is my go to material for multibases


Fair enough! Though where can I find such stuff easily? Unfortunately don’t have too much access to MDF around here

Also, I don’t think the models are coming with the original mantic squares, so I may have to try something else. Otherwise this seems easy enough!

not sure where you are in the world but you can get thin mdf cheaply if you have something like a pound shop or dollar store.
Buy a photo frame you can get them very cheaply and it is thin enough to cut with a sharp craft knife.

Regiments are as big as two troops and hordes are as big as two regiments.

Legions are little trickier, but but used as often (i have never used one).
They’re deeper, not wider, so 3 regiments don’t work; but 6 troops, 2 regiments and two troops or a horde and two troops work though.

Edit: assuming infantry of cavalry, large infantry (or cavalry) don’t have that issue with legions.

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i make my bases mostly from the cardboard that the models come in, 2 layers thick, with a edge made from coffee stirrer sticks. Alternatively, you can use one layer, and then use the bases provided to top them, as your models will stick better when superglued to plastic, rather than cardboard or foam. As previously suggested, you can make every unit in its smallest denomination, so troops for infantry and regiment for monstrous infantry.
However, you can really go wild on diarama basing if you commit to bigger unit sizes.
Some of my units for example , are either hordes or legions, so i make up the horde base, and then pop that onto the slightly bigger Legion base with the few extra models needed to upgrade it. This gives a slight step in height to the majority of models but its not noticeable. Alternatively, if you are shinking down to total minimums i.e. troops size, then as you build these into a legion, you will likely get a stepped hill effect.


6 sounds like it might not look right. the trick is to make it look quite filled up and not too sparse. I try to put 7 or 8 on there, but if the models are large or have large weapons then I have done as few as 6 on a couple of occasions.

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I order mdf from one of the online mdf cutters. but cardboard can work in a pinch, since you probably end up putting a lot of spackle and glue on it, it gets quite rigid.


I was thinking of doing minimum model count, but I see your point. I am trying to get the most bang for my buck honestly!

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Tend to build most normal infantry in regiments, light or shooting units in troops and a handful of stuff is built straight as hordes.

These are zombies/draugr built as a horde, 3 regiments and 2 troops which can be combined- so can run 4R/1H, 2R/2H, 3R/1L, 1R/1H/1L

Don’t do anything fancy if combining - just temp stick together with masking tape under the bases

Model numbers wise, most of my infantry regiments have 14-16 bodies, 6-8 for troops but tend to have reasonable amount of scenery on the bases.


I have been getting a new problem now. I bought a bunch of MDF movement trays from litko and they all just cannot fit my salamander’s 25mm base in a proper regiment. For some reason it’s just too small for 5 guys standing with the bumpers on.

gonna try and fix this later, but it’s been pretty discouraging when I spend 75 bucks, double measured everything, and it still doesn’t work.

That’s odd - maybe you got ‘normal’ Infantry multibases for Heavy Infantry models? Most infantry (humans, zombies, elves, yadda yadda) go on 20mm bases; but Heavy Infantry (Orcs and some salamanders) are on 25mm. In that case, I’d use the normal bases for your non-Heavy Infantry in-game, and if the models won’t fit, you can cut them off the individual bases and stick them onto the multibase directly (did this for my Orcs). Then you can either make Heavy Infantry bases yourself, or get some more.

If that’s not the problem, I have no clue how this could happen, but the solution of cutting your models off the individual bases and glueing/pinning them to the MDF directly ought to work.

At any rate - good luck!

They were definitely movement trays, so I have no clue how it happened. I have an idea of how to fix it by buying a few sheets of refridgerator magnets putting it on the tray, but otherwise I can only use two or even one of the “Bumpers” that usually come with a movement tray.

At any rate, I don’t like it :frowning:

That sounds like a design error on the trays, to me. I’ve never used trays, so I’m not sure how to work around that, sorry.

Why did you get movement trays, I thought you were talking about multibasing. Those are two different things.
Multibasing is getting one single base that is the size of the entire unit you want to make, then cutting your models off their individual bases and attaching them to the large base.

Trays are a base with an additional lip around it, made to hold several models together, usually used in games where you need to remove one and one casualty. In KOW, they are not needed.


I got trays because I wanted the best of both words. I individually based all my salamander primes, and I was asking for future reference because I didn’t know what was going on. Thankfully, I am aware of the difference, but I was going for a more warhammer fantasy feel at first. Too bad the trays I got suck. And, I wasn’t sure how the heck multitasking would work before I asked

I will use a tray for my primes because I don’t feel like gluing all the bases together, but for now I am pretty disappointed my plan didn’t work


I assume you got them made at 125mm not including the outside lips.
If so, and it’s actually 125mm in the inside measurement, you could try cutting of a little bit of your bases just to free up a mm or two, that might make them fit.
When I ordered some trays, I had them made at 126mm inside measurement to make sure the models fit.

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yea, I think I am just going to return them and buy the mantic movement trays. At least then I can modify them myself instead of worrying about the right size.

And I did try to see if magnetic refridgerator sheets would work with washers in the bases, but it just was too heavy.