Mantic price increase

Really appreciate how honest and open Mantic (Ronnie) is about this side of business.


And a months warning, so anything* you desperately want can be got before the rise comes in.


They’ve been really up front about costs, production etc which does them a lot of credit.

Plus if you are signed up to their newsletter have probably just received a discount code to use in July :wink:


Nothing showing in my emails. Pretty sure I am signed up to their newsletter.

you got the code if you ordered recently (in 2021) in the shop


Over the last year we’ve seen prices on materials continue to rise – sometimes exponentially. To clarify, we’ve seen increases on:

  • Cardboard (used to pack the products and ship the products)
  • Plastic raw material (the majority of our models are made of plastic)
  • Resin (used to make ships for Armada and many Kings of War units)
  • Metal (there are still plenty of models in our catalogue that use metal)
  • Shipping (don’t get me started on shipping. In some cases it’s up by 500%!!!)

While some of this will be down to covid, and market forces, Brexit is also going to be a factor here.


I’d also like to add that I appreciate the heads up, and the direct explanation.


Was this really the last time they increased?

10y ago and they did the same thing. Being transparent and announcing early so you can prepare.


Serious answer - I think the last one was 2-3 years ago. Might be longer because no one counts Covid-time.


I am shocked by some of the new prices.

Vampire Lord was €9.99 when I bought it before the increase, now €12.50 That is an increase of €2.50, a quarter of the original price. 25% increase is not something I’d associate with Mantic.

Also €30 for plastic infantry Regiments now by the looks of things. Surprised to see old kits like Skeletons and Ghouks being €30 for 20.

Makes me think Mantic may have a few issues.

That may naturally be part Brexit/€ pricing?

The regiments have gone from £19.99 to £22.50 while £70 from £59.99 and £110 from £99.99 for the army sets

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Warlord and Perry really upped their postage to the EU after Brexit got “done” in January.

Rises so high it makes ordering off them from the EU for me a very hard choice. I’ve stayed away so far.

I wonder is this Mantic absorbing those Brexit rises in general price rises? Saying that shipping from their production sites in the Far East hasn’t gotten cheaper either.


my local store gets Warlord (and everything from Perry, Warlord sells) at retail price, so no issue with those except that Warlord increased their prices as well

for Mantic, they have always added some of the shipping cost to the box prices on their website to compensate it
yet my problem is not the big price step for some boxes but that the additional fees from the delivery service are killing ordering directly from them (charging extra because the ship it to my country for the customs, than to Germany to the distribution center and than back to me again and I found no way to avoid this)

Maybe you can avoid a few costs here, that’s were a lot of german wargamers order:

They still have the old prices for everthing they have in store plus ( or better minus) a regular discount.
International shipping is 12,95€ though.

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Trouble is a few models that Mantic do are direct order only. There are a few places near me that do a nice discount, but again if it is a model that I can’t get I am going to have to go direct.

I have no doubt that this is Brexit being escalated due to Covid.

Delivery to Croatia is by courier service 25 pounds for couple of years now, making it hard for ordering bits and pieces that are direct order only or web deals and now with Brexit, we would have to pay 20 euros to couriers and 25% VAT and perhaps 30% customs (depends how customs feels that day) on amount of order.

So this price increase is I am afraid last nail in coffin for ordering from fringes of Europe, so only European retailers are now option.

On the side note, Warlord also increased their prices and Footsore temporary stopped sending stuff to EU. Dark times ahead…

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Stores can order Direct stuff. It carries less of a discount for them than the normal stuff but they can order in.


Oh, I wasn’t aware of that good to know for future reference.

know them and order there from time to time if I have enough to get free shipping

used to order a lot via Amazon Germany, but with Brexit those are not shipped here any more (Amazon uk is selling via Amazon Germany but the items are marked as “not available for your country” during checkout)
and my local store only get those that Warlord stocks (like Armada and some terrain)

good to know that the shops can order directly, need to ask Fantasywelt for some items than

Flags of War ceased trading to EU as well.

I said four years ago that Brexit would be a disaster for the dozens of smaller gaming companies in the UK.

First thing you need to check now with any UK company isn’t the range of miniatures which you want - but do they ship and if so what cost. This is a big change from the last twenty plus years.It actually brings back bad memories of mail order from the 80s and 90s.

It also places those UK companies into nearly the same bracket as US companies. Nearly impossible price wise to order from direct.

The UK gaming industry really needs to think hard about setting up proper distribution inside the EU. This could be a multi company effort.

My own spending habits have changed dramatically over the last six months. None to the benefit of the UK gaming companies.

Not to get too political but Brexit is a Charge of the Light Brigade sized mistake for many UK sectors - strong but niche gaming sector included.