Monster March 5! - painting challenge

HI @Mikes!

Some really nice models and a steady progress on Stormwind. It does not matter it takes time, keep up the pace you are comfortable with :slight_smile:

I really like the fancy model handlers for painting too!


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I actually ordered it from a friend, we went in on the kickstarter together. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but was very pleased with the model!

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Here is the update on the week 1 progress of the #MonsterMarch5 challenge! Some fantastic models and great start for all the participants!

Check them out!

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Just finishing a regiment of Forest Shamblers yesterday Swordmaster. Will grab photos later.

Got a Mantic Giant on the painting table as well. Might get that completed by the end of the month.

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Fantastic! It is a great model for sure !

My just completed horde of Forest Shamblers:

These were fantastic miniatures to paint. I absolutely loved them - so full of detail and character. I think they are the best Mantic miniatures I’ve used yet. They will be getting a dab of fluorescent green in the eye holes when I get around to my next paint order but I’m super happy with them. As usual my photos are a bit whiff - these are the best of a blurry lot unfortunately. :rofl:

Might get my Goblin Giant finished this month:

Or maybe not - skin is driving me crazy - so far I’ve used about eight different skin shades, inks, washes and glazes and it still isn’t getting anywhere near where I want it …


@Niall78 they’re looking good. On your skin tone issues, have you tried reikland fleshshade wash from GW? I love it as it makes even my flesh painting look respectable and I know ‘proper’ painters on YouTube swear by it too

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Think I have reikland fleshshade on it already. :rofl:

Certainly some Army Painter flesh wash - also Vallejo Ink flesh and a couple of flesh coloured glazes.

The flesh surfaces are so big I’m finding the washes and inks are leaving staining in the wrong areas. Will probably try some more glazing.

There’s all kinds of flesh colours all over the other basecoats/highlights at this stage. :crazy_face:

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Looking fabulous @Niall78, and the glowing green eyes will finish the Shamblers wll.
I had great fun painting my two Mantic giants, both the Northern Alliance blue one and my flesh toned Goblin one. There is a lot of skin though and it can be challenging to get it …just right!

For me, one of my favorite paints is not a wash, but my Citadel Dry Kindleflame, a light pink dry brushing paint that sat in my box for years underappreciated while i painted Orks to beat the band. It does wonders on pink human… or giant flesh

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I’ve enjoyed tackling the giant for sure Nav.

Like all really big stuff though I found after a few days I’d been painting it like a normal 28mm miniature and it was lacking a lot. You really need to be introducing many more highlight and shading layers to make these massive miniatures look decent and fill the space.

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…indeed, and there is plenty of detail to work with on those Mantic Giants.

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Thanks for adding me Swordy! Tho I’ve no plans to paint the ice phoenix this month :wink: Being part of the challenge should help me get through the other two beasties!

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Was planning mainly on building rank & file guys for my dark age undead spin off force this month, but I’ve also found a reaper purple worm and a pair of wings I’d hacked off a d&d pit fiend. Revenant king on winged wyrm it is - initial wip pic to follow.

[An ‘accidental’ Mierce sale delivery should show later in the month, which might see a little action :wink: ]



Eagle convertion into a Giant Raven. The riskiest part was resculpting the beak to the correct shape. Base colours are now done, dark blues, slate blue and black, with a dark green and then a purple wash to give the feathers a dynamic spectrum of colour. I’ll highlight in white and slate blue and dry brush in black once it’s dried.


After testing some stuff I think I’ve settled on a paint scheme. My future ootgl army is going to be blue and green themed so I wanted my big owl to fit in. Looking up blue owls got me so results of a hoax from a while back with a ‘new’ blue species of owl that turned out to be photoshop. It looked pretty cool so I went with it. Here is the base coat on two wings and the body (the large wing is a different color trial with way more brown that I won’t be using)


Good colour choices @Morofang

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It’s time for the next update on #MonsterMarch5 painting challenge! Some great progress again, well done to all the participants!


Initial progress on the winged worm


Couple of further wip pics.