Monster March 5! - painting challenge


It is this time of the year again! I created a separate topic for Monster March 5 in order to provide one more option to post the photos of the models with which you would like to participate.

Here is the link to the blog post with some details on how to join!

I can’t wait to see you all in the Monster March 5! :slight_smile:



Welcome to #MonsterMarch5 , painting challenge I have a pleasure to host 5th year in a row! Please check the post introducing the participants! And remember, you can join at any time!

I am looking forward to seeing all these fantastic models! Feel free to post your photos in this topic as well and I will add you to the participants as well!


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I want to take part in this. I didn’t know it existed until now!

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Hi @WoofBird!

Excellent! No problem at all, please let me know what model would you like to paint and I will update the blog post!


I’ll be doing the Northern alliance chimera. It’s cleaned up, slightly converted and needs gluing together so it’ll be an ideal starting point.

I set up a blog to keep track of what I paint on

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Excellent choice @WoofBird! I have just updated the blog post with your entry! I can’t wait to see this beautiful model and the colour scheme you are going to chose for it. Cheers!

Bit late but I’d like to join in if still possible. I’ll be 3d printing and painting Pashentiuu (without the rider) from raging heroes to use as a winged beast of nature.