Monster March 5! - painting challenge


It is this time of the year again! I created a separate topic for Monster March 5 in order to provide one more option to post the photos of the models with which you would like to participate.

Here is the link to the blog post with some details on how to join!

I can’t wait to see you all in the Monster March 5! :slight_smile:



Welcome to #MonsterMarch5 , painting challenge I have a pleasure to host 5th year in a row! Please check the post introducing the participants! And remember, you can join at any time!

I am looking forward to seeing all these fantastic models! Feel free to post your photos in this topic as well and I will add you to the participants as well!



I want to take part in this. I didn’t know it existed until now!

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Hi @WoofBird!

Excellent! No problem at all, please let me know what model would you like to paint and I will update the blog post!


I’ll be doing the Northern alliance chimera. It’s cleaned up, slightly converted and needs gluing together so it’ll be an ideal starting point.

I set up a blog to keep track of what I paint on


Excellent choice @WoofBird! I have just updated the blog post with your entry! I can’t wait to see this beautiful model and the colour scheme you are going to chose for it. Cheers!

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Bit late but I’d like to join in if still possible. I’ll be 3d printing and painting Pashentiuu (without the rider) from raging heroes to use as a winged beast of nature.

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Mhhh … Monsters, frankly …I thought I would have painted my Trees and Dragons by the Time the next Monster March comes around … but doh … they’ re all on the painting table still :sweat_smile:

I’ve got an Otherworld Treeherder built, a Mantic Treeherder still in pieces …

As well as an old Mantic Elf Dragon already built, a Pathfinder Red Dragon with Mantic Elf Rider already built, a Reaper Dragon Alternative … and 2 Mierce Dragons (yumm) that are still in pieces in the box.

Painting 1 Tree Herder and 2 Dragons would allow me to finally field a 2000pts. Army … a quite unbalanced one, but I’d finally have the points. :laughing:

The goal however would be 1 Treeherder & 1 Dragon and 2 Troops of Silverbreeze to get to 2000pts. and have a more balanced army.

My problem right now is that I haven’t decided which dragon(s) and which Treeherder to use and still have 3 Stormwind to paint as well. … wahhh :sweat_smile:

Maybe I’ll post a picture of the assembled Monsters/Dragons in question one of the next days and move one up the painting queue.

I’m not getting that much painting time however at the moment, because I am planning a wedding at the same time … my own that is :laughing: , which is not a bad excuse as far as excuses for slow painting goes I think :grinning:

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Owwwwwww, it’s march already! Thanks for reminding us again, @Swordmaster!

Last year, I finished my phoenix and the year before a dragon.
I’m really tempted to think of something to add this year. Won’t be as big a model as I did before, but a 50*50 monster should be possible.

Will dig through my bits box! I do have plans for a scratch-built goreblight, which may or may not be realistic, depending on the amount of bits I have available.


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Hi @Morofang!

It is never too late so welcome! I have just checked the model on Raging Heroes website, impressive! Great choice indeed! I am going to add you to the next update on Sunday :slight_smile:


Hi @Mikes!

First of all, Congratulations! When is the Big Day? :slight_smile:

I would be very happy to add you to the list of participants and I will simply mention you are considering between Dragons and Treeherders and let’s see how it goes!


HI @Vince!

Excellent! You did great before and it is fantastic to know you are going to participate again! Gore-blight it is then! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Swordmaster! :slight_smile: The big day will be on April the 10th … Corona permitting … we’re keeping our fingers and eyes crossed at the moment :sweat_smile:
Either way it’s gonna be a very small wedding, but we finally wanna do it if at all possible :laughing:

I’m gonna post pictures of what I have lined up for painting on the weekend.

Paintingwise I kinda don’t want to be distracted from finishing the Stormwind, now that I’m getting close to the goal… but maybe I’ll sneak a monster in inbetween in March. The smaller otherworld Treeman possibly or one of the quick to paint Undead if all else fails :wink:

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Hi @Mikes!

It is perfectly fine if you want to use Monster March as an opportunity to finish Stormwind cavalry too!

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Oh alright @Swordmaster! Then the Stormwind “Monster” Cavalry Project (it feels like that, 6 Months and counting!) definitely will be my entry! :slight_smile:

I’ll send ya some work in progress pics :wink:

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Funnily enough I’m almost only painting big things this month :grin: Working on a dreadnought and two rhinos for my Chaos Space Marines, as well as a 50% scale ‘Dragon King’ to replace my old metal carnosaur as their daemon prince:

And this adorable ‘Ancient Vampire’ (135% scale) and his little zombie friend to rep a flying Undead titan of various flavors:

I have no intention of playing Undead, so I’m really just doing this because I love the sculpt, and I guess I’ll have a loaner titan if a clubmate needs a big bad?

Both Dragon King and Ancient Vampire are by Rocket Pig Games, zombie is by Titan Forge.


The wings were a pain to put together and I ended up just gap filling them when I finally got them attached. The larger ones also had a misalignment when printing that I didn’t notice how bad it was until putting it together & priming.

I think will be less noticeable after painting.

The 50x50 base I made for it feels too thick as well, so might try to half its thickness this week still.


Those Rocket Pig prints look so good. I’ve got the Drake with a SpireStalker (GW Corvus Cabal) as a Dragon Kindred Lord.

Nice :smiley: I got into her stuff back when I was having problems with supports, but I’ve found I just really like how solid her sculpts come out, and genuinely love some of her designs (like the two here). I’ve printed most of the recent frozen stuff (and have it headed towards a Northern Alliance army), am psyching myself up to print the ice titan at full size because can.

Here’s the ice phoenix, maxed out for my Mars Pro:


Just got the Spire Stalker (Dragon kindred Lord) built. Super excited to get working on this. Nervous though!