Monster March! - painting topic

Greetings all!

This is an overall painting challenge topic for March! It has the same name as a separate painting challenge for Monsters and friends here:

It is a continuation of our quarterly topics to share progress of your modelling and painting projects. Feel free to post in one or both of the topics as you like!



I was going to suggest jaune-uary and promt everyone to paint all their models yellow for the occasion :joy:


Great idea @FredOslow! I have just edited the title slightly so if you have anything yellow to add to your project, you can claim bonus bragging rights :smiley:

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I was half joking but sure, I’ll give it a shot :grin:

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Finally finished up my two regiments of cavalry for my elves. Feels pretty good for starting off the New Year with these.


@FredOslow - no worries! It is all half-serious anyway and sometimes adding something just for laughs can result in some cool looks for the models you are painting!

@java82 - great models! I really like them and I even used the mounts for my Drakon Riders. Totally agree, perfect start for the New Year! Keep up the great work!

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As my entire army is primarily yellow, I claim this bonus. :wink: That said, it’s indeed a good idea to try something different every once so often.

My fleet is slowly coming together. Here’s the tree finished ships out of a fleet of five. (Elohi and brig have been posted here before. panther is new)


A horde of Goblin Chariots scratch-built .

There is still a little bit of minor touch up painting bits to be done, but close to finishing now.

The chariot on the far left hit a rock, and broke an axle, so one of the weels sheered off and is rolling alongside the chariot, at least for a few seconds until the chariot flips over in a jumble of wood and iron… and flesh too. This is why you don’t charge chariots across rough ground, peeps


Great to see the January thread. Want to repost this again from December:

*** Start Quote ***


Here is my entry for the end of the year (scratch that the first entry for 2021!: grimacing:) I actually have a few more done but haven’t taken pictures of them yet, my NA models.

Ice Kin Huntress (I can’t use a detail brush for eyes to save my life)

Ice Dragon (My very first model… both in acquiring and painting)

Baby Ice Dragon (A.K.A. weaponized cuteness)

And now for my big question… Anybody know how to remove those black bases that come with the WizKids models without damaging the actual base. I’m basically gluing the models onto the round bases in order to properly use the citadel handle I bought. I tried nail polish remover and that only damaged the plastic base (who knew) and I used superglue to stick them to the bases.

So what I’m asking for this new year’s is

*** End Quote ***

Some great first efforts Prince.

Eyes? Eyes on a lot of races are a nightmare. Red eyes for Goblins, Undead and the like aren’t too bad - a spot of red or whatever and you are good. Human, elves and the rest require a lot more practice - an outer eye and then and inner eye. A lot of time a dark wash will look good enough to highlight the eyes and skip the whole process - a lot of tabletop gamers painting a lot of miniatures will do this at least for grunt infantry.

How do you do it if you want the outer and inner eye - practice unfortunately - there is no trick. I keep the skin colour on my wet palate to correct mistakes as I go.

Others might have more advice - if you zoom into my elves from the December thread you will quickly notice I am no eye expert. :rofl:

Taking minis off bases that are attached with Super glue? I use a Stanly knife (carpet cutters I think in the US). Place between feet and base and a good blade will cut clean through. I fix all my minis to 20mm squares with Super glue before multibasing them afterwards. Off hundreds of miniature cut free none have broken or chipped.

Fred also had some good tips on washes. When they were first released mini painters called them ‘talent in a bottle’. You undercoat your mini as you have done above then you simply paint wash all over the mini next. The wash is very thin and will run into all the nooks and cranny’s of your mini leaving a shadow effect on the mini. You can leave the result or go one step further and highlight the washed mini - simply apply a lighter version of your basecoat colours on the highest points of the washed mini. You can apply more and lighter highlights to increase the contrast between shadow and light on the miniature.

Games Workshop washes are good but I love the Army Painter washes myself (I think GW leaves a glossy effect sometimes). AP also have a very neat system for quickly painting whole armies called the ‘quickshade dipping method’. Might be worth a look.

There are some great videos on youtube for new painters. Great resource for the hobby. Lots of them will walk you through the base coat, wash, highlight steps in twenty minutes. Check out wet palettes as well - they make painting much more enjoyable.

Army painter washes:


Eyes - pretty much any human model simply gets a wash over the base flesh colours and that’s it!

Finished a few more boats for Armada and a couple of water elemental units.


As mentioned in the previous thread, I managed to get some Stormwind done finally just in time for New year’s eve and just now had the varnish get dry to the touch: Stormwind Commander & Musician done :slight_smile:

P.S. Does yellow gold count as yellow? I say it’s close enough! :sweat_smile: :laughing:

P.P.S. Cheers @Swordmaster for continuing the thread! :slight_smile:


I finished my Revenants.



Great to see people painting right from the start of the New Year! I managed to do so myself and get back to the regiment of Stormwind cavalry. Two more knights added, probably 5 more to go :slight_smile:


wow, great colour scheme @Swordmaster. love that base, it almosts seems criminal to put models on it


Thank you @Nav!

Using some old scenic bases (the magic ring) and rolling pins for texture and mosaic, it was really easy to get a very nice base for the unit. I hope it will still be visible enough. That’s why I decided to put 4 models in front rank instead of 5. It will look a bit crowded anyway :slight_smile:

I hope to have steady progress as I started working on this unit long time ago.



Some Dungeon Saga work I did on the side over the holidays :slight_smile:

Now all adventures except the very last one are fully playable with painted models.
Only 4 models left to paint and the entire Dungeon Saga Deluxe Box is finished, yay :grinning:

Complete progress so far (The Undead Dwarf King boss is still missing, but also finished, only needs varnishing):

Further thoughts … : So that’s what happens when you start a “side project” to work on while paint/varnish on your regular army’s models has to dry … :cough: :sweat_smile:


Really cool and inspiring! I may let myself be distracted by Dungeon Saga.


Thanks @KptKeno :slight_smile: I really like some of those models, especially the heroes and the larger ones and may include some in my other projects.

The Elf Archer model on the picture, Madriga, is already painted up as a Hero for my Elf army and I may include one of those Undead trolls for my Vanguard Undead Warband.

Love the undead trolls.

Pegasus/Redeemer and a group shot of the FoN stuff so far.


I already got a troll in my Undead Vanguard warband and a Revenant King in my KoW army is a DS model. There are some DS Zombies in my Zombie legion as well.