Multibasing with the Mantic round bases

I have a pile of Dwarfs that come molded with the little round base gizmo under their feet to use to mount in their 20mm square bases.

I want to make some nice diorama mutli-bases, but am not sure how to handle that little round thing under all their feet.

I could try to hack it off (some have cloaks that are integral on that base, which would be challenging to cut and be pretty).

Or I could texture/flock the round bases to try to match their multi-base, but that would look kind of blah IMO.

How do others handle multi-basing with those little round bases molded to the miniature?


They have to come off at least mostly for any sort of advanced basing to be possible.
Which is why I did a simple multibasing scheme for my undead. Glued them on, disc and all, and did glue & sand around the bases, one rank at a time or divided into troop bases so I could have access from both sides when applying glue.

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What do you think would be the best method for removing the round bases with the most minimal chance of removing any of my fingers or toes? :slight_smile: Dremel? Bandsaw? TNT?

Most of my undead have crippled feet, because I cut them of off their bases. You won’t notice when in troops or regiments. See for yourself:


Thank you, that’s exactly the idea I’m aiming for! Those look brilliant!

Did you hack them off with clippers and xacto knive?

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Thank you! I used an xacto knife. It works quite good. I accidentally cut off half the foot a few times. Those models qualified for middle to back row.

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The round bases have to come off. This is a serious disadvantage of most Mantic models compared to Citadel. Here’s my recent undead after multibasing and here before.

Note that the paladin foot guard (which these vampires are made from) have feet which extend from the round base, making cutting them off quite easy. At least easier than -for instance- those darn goblins. cut my fingers a few times cutting these loose.

Hobby knife works wonders!

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These powered by a Dremel go through them like butter. I’ve done close to 200 miniatures and am still on the first cutting wheel.


Just take your time when cutting the discs off… alsp, invest in some fine grit sandpaper to flatten the bottom :slight_smile:

Just heat your exacto blade on a candle, put it flush with the base and it cuts through easily.


I find if you have a belt sander you can remove them very quickly, easily and with no damage to the minis. If you don’t you could do it by hand.

Mistakes can be hidden behind tufts and the like.


I just use clippers and some patience, usually while watching something. Same principle as removing mould lines, where using a file allows me to watch TV at the same time, whereas a knife requires full attention.