New army - new basing?

I was thinking about the obvious thing to do - basing my soon to come NA wintery themed.
But then again I thought about our terrain and how winter bases would look really missplaced on it.
I mean - why should an army bring their snow with them (or their lava/fiery thingies and what not…) to fight on a basically greenish terrain? :thinking:

What do you guys do with the basing themes?

Get new terrain!:joy: Just kidding. I used the same brown sand mix for my Undead and my Sylvan Kin. But with the Sylvan Kin, I changed the tufts of vegetation. While my Undead have autumn themed bases (decay), my SK bases are much more lush and vivid, spring themed (renewal/life).
With Vanguard I tried something similar. Abyssal bases get black pigment on them to give them a burned look. Basileans have lush vegetation and the Northern Alliance (only an Ice Elemental atm) has speckles of snow. The bases themself have the same colours. It works well on my terrain. Everything fits, while still look different enough.

…and then I bought some Orcs and Ratkin. Orcs get a red-rusty wasteland look, a bit like Mars and the Ratkin get grey cave bases with stalagmites, mushrooms and crystals.


I rebased my goblins from a snow to a dry wasteland theme at the start of this year.

It all looked too Christmas cake for me in the end. More my attempt though than a hate for cold effects. I’ve seen them look amazing in other people’s armies. Less is more - some snow - some ice rather than what I did which was deep full on snow.


So I tend to build a couple of different armies with the same basing scheme - either ones that can ally or share units.

Have dark age undead and varangur with a tundra/slight snowy vibe; SK/OotGL/FoN with fallen pillars and greenery; KoM/Brothermark/Halflings based around a ruined village style theme; KoM/basilea/FoA with city/temple vibe.

Usually I’ll figure out a basing scheme and build a number of ‘standard’ sized bases (infantry/cav regiments, some troops etc), paint those up and figure out what goes on them afterwards!

The mantic terrain crate range is excellent and some of the GW scenic stuff is nice.

If you have existing terrain and a table which matches, then there is no issue at all basing whichever armies you are building to complement those.

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Yeah, I did the less is more idea - the full on snow thing is quite tricky to pull off well


Personally, I don’t really care about whether or not my army’s bases look accurate to the map. They are representative dioramas to indicate which units go where. After all, I don’t think that anyone cares that Magic cards take place in all manner of settings, but they’re all on the table together

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My Northern Alliance are all on a wintry base with lots of snow and ice, but my battlefield is the same theme, so win win. However, when i started my next army, Goblins, i went with a mix of forest bases and tunnel bases, (as i actually have 2 goblin armies, one being old Warhammer goblins from Skull Pass mainly, and the other being Mantic new Goblins.
My Orcs were converted fromk and Warhammer, and are my least loved army, and don’t have a theme for their basing.
my last army are The Herd and are all built to sit together and create one big diarama from the full army,

Nav’s Tuatha De Danann Mythological War Host: The Herd
for that one


Does anyone know of a good guide or YouTube tutorial on how to do basing? I’m not looking to be an expert, just one or two steps above “spray paint it green.” Most tutorials I’ve found are very in-depth and time-consuming. I’m looking for the poor man’s version!


Don’t have any links at hand, but pva glue + fine sand before spraying it adds a lot of texture. and pva + grass powder on a few spots on the finished base. are you doing those two things, for instance?

1 Like it’s behind a paywall but you can get a free trial for 30 days to view it.

You can make a quick basing mix with as few as three or four materials or add in extra pieces and even colour it with pigments if you so desire depending on what you’re after.

Once it’s mixed you can simply glue it on and if you want to be fancy later add tufts to it or just run it bare. you can see examples of it on the bases in this video Which Hunter Faction Would You Choose For The Silver Bayonet? Unboxing & Painting The Units! - YouTube

I’m no good at taking photos but that may give you an idea. I based 200+ Zulu and 90 British in one evening with it. The mix of grass, flock, sand and rocks gives a very natural effect just by dipping them into a tub of this


You could always go with Geek Gaming Scenics (Lukes APS) Base ready range.

It’s designed to be glue and dipped. No paint required.


This looks great!

I build all the terrain myself and the terrain pieces have at least a bit of my home mixed basing material, like all the miniatures have. And it’s also on the board.
The board is too small for KoW as it was used for Skirmish games only in the past.
But it will work for smaller games for a while before I need to work on a new table (scary! As we have little space here and we might need a new table to fit a new board first… :exploding_head: )

@Cartwright Multibasing by Luke

Another video

and this…


good choice with Luke, a man after my own heart. He has some great ideas on his videos


For easy, but slightly fancier bases, you can easily recreate grainfields by cutting up a coconut-fiber doormat, hills by mashing some kid’s sculpting clay on a base and glueing grass over it once dry, and forests by glueing model trees (from railway modelling stores) onto a grassy base. It saves my painting from utter blandness!