New player

I,m a first time player and i bought the kings of war 2 player starter set , shadows in the north .
I could use some tips , not sure wat to ask for.
I’m a model builder and made lots of 1:35 diorama’s .
So I can’t wait to build a nice battlefield .
Ooh wait i do have a question, do you guy’s keep to the Army painter colloursceme or make up your own sceme ?
I got lots and lots of Vallejo paints so i’m wondering if i should buy the Army painter paints ?


I use mostly loctite for glue and citadel for paint. But you should probably keep using vallejo if that is the range you are most comfortable with.
Do you have some files and tools to remove mold lines or any leftover sprue bits? :slight_smile:

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Ooh right i need to buy some new glue , i use Revel glue for my “normal” models .
And yes i have , thanks for answering.

Vallejo are great, let me know if you want my paint guide…


Oh nice, looking great ! And you can always sent me your painting guide. Always a good thing to see how others do things. Thanks for answering.

your revel glue will work for the hard plastic sprues, you just need a good superglue of your choice for the pvc plastic stuff. It’s the ones that come off the sprue in the little bags.
I rarely match the studio colour schemes as I generally get an idea for a theme then start the army to match it. Because they’re fantasy you can go nuts.


Ooh right Revel glue wont work on that, i’ll go and buy a good super glue to. And you are right i can’t wait to get started when i get the game in the mail. Thanks for the reply.

Hi there, and welcome to the forum and the hobby!

As for painting (and hobbying in general) KoW is pretty relaxed. As long as a) it’s pretty self-explanatory which unit is which and b) the units are on the correct (unit) base size, everything goes. Oh, wait, there’s also the “Preferred model count” thing, which guides how many models should be in a regiment.

Let me illustrate this by an example:
This is my goblin sharpstick regiment

Though it uses mainly the Mantic goblin sprue (as shown here)

It also uses Games Workshop goblin and skink parts. It’s also painted in a different colour sheme (my goblins are blueish grey skinned) Both are prefectly legal.

Also, I only use Valejo.

More pictures of my goblin army here:

Enjoy your hobby and gaming experience and I’m looking forward to the pictures!



Ah great ! Thanks so much. They look great. And thank you for the great info.

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