New units (Army wish list)

Hi all,

One thing I really enjoyed in 2nd edition was the addition of new units and changes as part of the new Clash of Kings books.

Anyway, I thought I would outline some of the changes/new units I would add for the armies I play, and I invite others to do the same for theirs.


As Varangur are much faster than the Northern Alliance main list, I would like to see their Lord and Skald options receive horse options at +35 and +25 points respectively, so they can keep up with Mounted Sons and Horse Raiders.

Maybe even a heavy chariot option for the Lord (especially as heavy chariots can be easily represented by Frostfang Cavalry and Mounted Sons).

Ensure that ‘bloodbound’ key term is given to all units in the list so the Magus can support infantry builds alongside Draugr.

Northern Alliance

Perhaps the addition of a Dwarf Lord character (a carbon copy of the Dwarf Lord, with headstrong swapped out for fury), which would unlock a horde option for Dwarf Clansmen (similar price to the Ironclad horde).

League of Rhordia

Option to upgrade Halfling Braves with spears for Phalanx.

Option to upgrade halfling archers to stealthy human archers (+1 speed and human keyword).

Perhaps special rules for different city states (!!!), which would work in a similar fashion to Varangur marks.


I’m with you on the Varangur mounts at the very least, always felt like an oversight due to how Mantic seemed to want to pickup units from the parent lists as much as possible rather than reprint them with minor edits. Likewise getting more out of the bloodbound keyword, if not the whole army definitely a larger percentage of it.


Varangur - the mount options for a couple if the characters is certainly a sensible one (could understand if no one had horses, but magus & cursed sons get them). Chariot option doesn’t really fit IMO - the large cav heroes fill that role. Expanding the bloodhound key word a bit would be helpful - give it to the Clansmen at least, so the poor guys have a reason to be taken!

NA - dwarf character isn’t bad, although easy enough to model as any of the other heroes. Having a [1] dwarf horde could work.

Rhordia - halflings are getting more specific love in due course. More news during the virtual open day on 10th April


Agreed, maybe Varangur chariot Lord would be over kill. I think I just want to run chaos chariots singly.

Interestingly I have had much success with an infantry Varangur list, which includes a horde of human clansmen, as well as two units of foot Sons. With magi for support it works quite well. That said, the clansmen could do with some love. Would be nice to see Varangur get access to a warshrine (like the orc wardrum) to provide rally support and make foot lists more interesting for varangur. Still adding to the wishlist!

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I’m not an Empire of Dust player but I’d like them to get Air Elementals, possibly with a sand/dust upgrade.

The main reason being, I’d like to see them exist outside of FoN, like the other elementals.


I actually really like that idea. Air elementals could easily be represented by desert djinns in an Empire of Dust army.


Sylvan Kin Eagle Knights.

In the way Silverbreeze compare to Stormwind, these would be the equivalents to Drakons. There’s a lot of really cool eagle miniatures out there, and it’d give the Sylvan Kin more elf options!

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I would like to see Eagle Riders too. Though going from the previous books I think realistically you’d need to pick a unit that already exists and repurpose that. Maybe Scorchwings?

We’ve already got the Treeleapers for some reason, even tho I have no idea which amphibious miniatures I’d use with Sylvan Kin … I’d rather not add more random lizards. Not that I mind random lizards, but there’s an entire faction for them.

Also please not more irregular + no-piercing-shooting lmao, just a little bit of piercing won’t break the list? Master Hunters are neat but pleaaaaaaase.

How about Forest Drakons? Regiment only, ridden by a couple of Gladestalkers?

You could represent them with Eagles.


Basically three mini ones of this:



Oh no, the Sisters are absolutely huge! They’re a Dragon Kindred Lord for sure.

…I should finish that model. :smiley:

I did these as treeleapers

About the only viable unit shooting are a couple of the mobile p1 types (heart piercers & flame bearers) but don’t think that is real justification for shoving one in an SK list, unfortunately

A character and model for SK similar to Orion, King of the Woods would be really cool. As a high speed monster type with Very Inspiring it would be neat.

I’ve posted a small list of changes to make the brothermark army more distinct from its parrent list:

Including 3 new units:

All really good ideas. I especially like the idea of eagle riders (I mean there were old wood elf models for these that would fit perfectly). Something akin to Orion would also be a great addition, that would also make sense in the fluff.

What I think is missing from the Brothermark army the most is a standard (defence 4) infantry horde with the Villein special term (think Bretonnian men-at-arms) that isn’t just the Basillean men-at-arms horde. Would massively make the Chaplain’s fury bubble more viable.

That and I would like to see a return of cheap human heavy cavalry with a 4+ Melee stat.

hehe, fully agree. See my linked blog post for that idea worked out.

Will have a look :slight_smile:

I think an Orion-esque character would also be in the FoN list too! In Pannithor, the SK are aren’t the sole guardians of nature!

A treeherder with Haste, could be used to represent a King of the Woods?
Or possibly even a Lord on Dragon?

@Svechin21 In this thread, were you hoping for practical ideas that might be noticed and possibly be implemented? Or is it a bit more of lighthearted fun than that?

I found it a bit difficult to calibrate my replies on this one!