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Hi everyone

I have just played my 2nd game of KoW with my brother and we both had a blast. I have bought the both digital rules and the rule books .
I have been collecting a great many 2nd hand GW models for the last few years with the initial idea being to sink my teeth into the 9th age.
Then I got into The Walking Dead:All out War and started paying attention to the KoW stuff around the the start of covid.
I started listening to the podcasts etc and then Mantic made the KoW3 abridged rules available for download. We played a small game (750) with those set armies and theother day played a 1250 game. We are hooked.
I love the look of many of the mantic models but aesthetics aside, how does a citadel army look when up against a Mantic one size wise?
I played with dwarves out of convenience but had so much fun I’m now thinking of painting them first.

  • how do they look when ranked against a mantic Basilean army for example?
    -Do the Mantic Goblins mesh sizewise with the GW ones?
    -Are there any obvious mismatches?
    I have the Lady Ilona(?) model and she looks a tad skinny next to my old Vampire army.
    Do people in the community even care about this sort of thing?
    I am considering selling most of this stuff off and funding the purchase of Mantic armies, but I love my little guys.

If anyone can take the time to answer my questions or share their opinion on the subject it would be much appreciated


It’s not really an issue people think about, if you are talking whole armies vs whole armies. Many people still use their old gw armies since they had them lying around.
Sometimes you could struggle to mix and match miniatures from different manufacturers into the same army since there is bound to be some differences between size, style or quality. So most tend to choose one or the other for their projects I think. Like, “this will be my GW orcs army” or “this will be my mantic undead army”. At least that’s how I do it personally.
Some armies can easily be a mix of different manufacturers but then the trick is to figure out which ranges go together better than others. Or at the end of the day, do what you like, if you like how it’s looks then that’s what matters.


The old mantic goblins were a bit larger than GW goblins I believe, but I just got the new mantic gobbos and I bet they are a bit smaller than the GW ones now. :face_with_monocle: Very good detail and quality tho, I like them alot.

Getting to your question a bit mish mash here, but: an obvious mismatch that comes to mind between GW and mantic would be Orcs. Too different scale.
Abyssals also don’t match well. Not undead either really. Some would say the GW stuff is better in those ranges, but I would say it’s mostly down to style and size differences, I know a lot of people have enjoyed making those armies out of the mantic range, but also I know many who have taken the quickest way and simply rebased their old gw stuff.

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Thanks @FredOslow
Helpful information.
Gives me something to start with :slightly_smiling_face:

Scale of GW and Mantic matches up to a point specially for the older models

GW has increased their models size over time and also done more realistic models (no more hands bigger than the head).
So older 28mm models are more in scale with the Mantic ones while newer 32mm are standing out even if you are placing them next to GW models

the Mantic ranges are a little bit more stable in design than GW, for example the Undead GW has different styles over the last 20 years that do not really match while the Mantic ones are all of the same design/style

the only obvious mismatch are the Elves and Barbarians were GW and Mantic have very different designs and scale

As per the comments above, its really a case of it depends, based on which range/age of models you are thinking about, coupled with the fact that it is often the style, rather than the size, which is the biggest difference.

Here’s a bit of a random size comparison pic - gw storm cast, old gw Breton, mantic clansman, mantic lower abyssal, perry foot knight.


You don’t need to if you don’t want to.
It’s perfectly acceptable to play KoW with “third party” miniatures. Using Mantic miniatures is obviously encouraged and many players get Mantic armies to support the company eventually, but not doing so isn’t even frowned upon.

If you love your little guys then use them, that’s part of what makes KoW great!
“Your hobby, you way.”


Echo ^

I’ve got about 8 KoW armies, none of them are remotely ‘single manufacturer’ - you’ll find that consistent basing and a paint scheme can tie in a wide range of models


Kings of War is quite Model agnostic. While Mantic do sell their own range of models, people can use what they like.

Out of my 6 armies 2 are pure Mantic, the rest have a wide range of manufacturers.

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I’m with Sceleris on this. I pack my armies with whatever. Nearly everything looks cool together in an army in my mind.

Mantic, Alternative Armies, Northstar, Fireforge, the list is endless. If you are leaving the GW miniatures orbit the 9th Age Forum has a brilliant thread on fantasy miniature manufacturers. Half the fun of a new KoW army is seeing what might look cool over vast ranges of figures.

Mantic get my money but many others do as well. Even bought some GW lately for the first time in twenty years. :rofl:


I’ve not bought any AoS.
My dwarves range from pre-slotta up to Black Pass.
Goblins are more recent but I think I have enough 4th ed spears for a legion. Doom divers for war trombones?:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’ve picked up two box sets worth of brettonians and lizards and some pretty cool Orc models.
All my undead are from before they split the armies…
Thanks everyone for your input. This has helped clear things up for me greatly. Not sure what I’m going to do with everything but am confident I can work it out
Pretty sure I’m going be to keeping the dwarves, tho :+1:
Many thanks


Here we go :grin:


@Sceleris found this pic helpful, thanks.

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Concerning miss matching - does anyone have a picture with GW and mantic Ogres? I am feeling that they are not a good mix? :thinking:

They are not, but for different reasons, size is similar but were Mantic ones skipped leg day, GW ones used baggy pants to cove this

Warmachine/Hordes Trollbloods mix better with the Mantic ones

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