Painting Topic - Deluxe December

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here you can post all your hobby related achivements for the period of september-december 2023! I’m looking forward to your contributions.

To start it all off: here’s the army I’m bringing to Clash of Kings this weekend!

Edit: closeups and army list here



Looks epic - have a good time

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I was finishing off the freebie sprue of of Roman Auxillery spearmen that I got with my Vikings, and then started a few Viking Heads i had lying around. I’ve been trying to improve my level of detail on my models, and these, although still WIP .


I’m currently out of nekkid plastix to paint, and in a fit of desperation, i’m currently painting a couple of freebie sprues i had been given: One is 6x British 8th Army Desert Rats and the other is (coincidently or not) 6x German Afrika Korps. I’m not sure what to do with them once i’ve painted them, but there is probably enough for a skirmish game . More importantly. between that and Rugby World Cup, I might avoid making rash purchases. I also seem to have managed to purchase 3 sprues of Vitrix Vikings that had been in someones grey box of guilt. :-p

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I don’t know if this is a laudable aspiration or a horrible curse…

As for working through my stuffs, another regiment of Scarecrows

and I just finished off my Armada Dwarf Fleet minus flyers. Traditional red and gold as it has a nice contrast with the blue bases

Currently working on a Terror, followed by old skool Reapers and more Scarecrows


Thanks @FutaManticore and looking great


I printed a dwarf fleet for a friend and painted the first ship:


that looks suitably Dwarfy


Blue looks good on the Dwarf ships; enough that I may be tempted to get another Dwarf fleet or their Abyssal kin and paint them blue, and I really like the water effect. Is it powdered model snow?


Thanks! The base is ‘Water effect pacific blue’ from AK Interactive. The foam is their ‘water foam effect’ sprinkled with some crushed glass snow effect from ‘secret weapon’. It’s basically from @Scarhandpainting tutorials plus the crushed glass.


Last Thursday I finished painting my new Warforged army, using the rules for Free Dwarfs (it’s basically an earth elemental list):

I promise to get some individual shots soon, with much better lightning where the metalwork shines better :black_heart: Brought the army to the Crossroads GT this weekend, a 2300 team event. My intent was to just be very tough but instead I won five games in a row :fire:

Sculpts are entirely from last November’s Artisan Guild patreon release, with the exception of the scorpion which is a converted Cast N Play sculpt. Printed all this stuff last winter and painted it over this summer.


Really nice army! :+1: The orange and snow do a fantastic job of drawing attention. What colour do you use for the metallic base? My limited knowledge of paint lines makes me think Vallejo Burnt Iron from their metallics range, a colour I want to experiment with as I like the oily-smokey effect.

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Thanks FM! The metal is Scale 75 ‘Black Metal’ drybrushed towards the top of the model with Scale 75 ‘Heavy Metal’ then heavily washed with AP ‘Strong Tone’ to get a nice well-oiled finish. A few things get heavy metal edge highlights but that’s about it.


Kitbashed dreamhunter painted


Creepy as can be, I like it.


Cheers - here’s his mate and some friends!


I finished my Abbess-on-panther kitbash:

More closeups and how I built this miniature can be found here as usual.


Just realised I forgot to post my Terror from a few weeks past

Well it’s now joined by a Troop of the previous sculpt Reapers

A happy menagerie of teeth

Also on the painting table are a few more bases intended for Butchers and Shadow Hounds


some great work there, sweet.

Finished up the Necromancer a mate is going to use as the Magus for his Varangur army.

He like the idea of the eyes being pitch black, as if the Magus was just a hollow husk after melding his mind with Korgaan.