Painting topic - Terrific Twenty-four

The best way to check if a model is truly done, just post in in a public forum
Within minutes you will spot a handful of things you missed. Works for me every time :grin:


Best advice! Works like a charm! @Nav :laughing:

Fortunately I’m already in “what’s next mode” and currently pondering painting up another Drakon Lord to keep the first one company, as I like that model a lot and it’s fun to paint … or finally joining the Dark Side and painting my first Glade Stalkers.

My Glade Stalker side project is a bit daunting however, as I set myself the following rules:

  1. Use the countless Mantic Elf boxes I have laying around and especially use the gazillion Elf scout sprues I’ve got as a base
  2. Gladestalkers should not have shields
  3. Gladestalkers preferred weapon are bows - and they should look like they re using them.
  4. Use as many extra bits and pieces from the sprues as possible, especially arrows, lots and lots of arrows! :laughing:
  5. Gladerstalkers should really have cloaks.
  6. Try to make those original Mantic Elf scouts … look as cool as they possibly can (tough one!)… . :grin:

Didn’t really sink my teeth into it yet and didn’t start painting at all yet, but this is what I’ve come up with so far:


Finally finished Lylyth the Master Huntress


A tough challenge, @Mikes I have a sprue of those elves myself, and little love for them. The new version of the half elf bererkers for NA are much nicer, pose wise, or better still the LOTR game cloaked elven rangers (and thier dwarf equivilants.
@Findol, now there are some better poses for archers. Nicely done.

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The half Elf berserkers are indeed nice … in fact I already butchered some of their cloaks for my Gladestalker project :innocent: :laughing:

The full models however are way too large next to the other minis in the army.

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I finished my Helstrikers (link to showcase thread) !


Those look fantastic Fred! :slight_smile: Nice basing as well!


After painting the whole legion of 50 Forest Goblins ( 2 boxes of Shieldwolf Forest Goblin) i decided to have a little break before diving into the final touch ups and stripping off the old paint and repainting my Spider riders


Nice! @Nav

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My finished Elven king! I might fix a few things later, but he’s ready for the world to see.


sweet paint job, @MechaSturgeon .

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many thanks. The Forest Goblins are nice sculpts, even if the round bases annoy me, i’d prefer them on a suitable diarama style woodland themed base, where they would blend nicely with my Mantic Goblin army, but I also want to actually put them down on a table and play them, not have them collecting dust, so comprimise and flexibility is required, although i will buy square bases for them shortly so they at least loo more tidy rather than fall over when my hand shakes.

@MechaSturgeon love that model! Nice dynamic pose.
Really makes me wish Mantic would put some time into their elf line.


That is sooooooo cool.

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The league of infamy elves looked so promising! Too bad they never extended the aesthetic to the rest of the line.




I managed to finish yet another horde! A horde of pikemen this time!

The previous horde hasn’t been posted here as well. oh well, here is it:

Arquebussiers this time. Getting ready for my pike-and-shot army!

both projects can be found on my blog as usual


Well, my painting table is full now! Pondered a while what to paint first: another Tree Herder, another Lord on Drakon … but went with the Gladestalkers after all! Been a long time since I painted Elf Infantry and find myself really hyped for it after building them with as many extra bits and pieces as possible. :laughing:

Know my painting speed … :cough: slowness, this will probably keep me busy for the rest of the year … and likely beyond. (That is if I don’t get sidetracked with Undead again … or tiny Epic Warpath models in the future or something! :sweat_smile: )


Tending to put these up elsewhere, but here’s my latest. A couple of slapchop ogre heroes.


work ongoing on my old goblins and on my new Forest Goblins
I was torn between ripping them off their original 20mm bases, but from past experience, too many end up missing a foot, so i opted to build up the bases. only the new base is painted and the upper part grassed over, they should be ok.

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