PMC...let's be clear

I didn’t put this in the rules section here, because PMC is not a “rule”. It’s a guideline for aesthetics.

PMC says it is something to aim for to maintain the aesthetic of a mass-battle / R&F wargame. It also says that if it’s not practical to do so, then that’s fine. Nobody is expecting anyone to rebase existing armies and if scenery or large models or anything else means that 75% (or more, up to FMC) is not practical, that’s absolutely fine.

The only time this is likely to be an “issue” for anyone is when they want to win best painted army or a trip abroad at an official Mantic event and it’s been stipulated that PMC is in effect. Even then, the “not practical” thing will be taken into account for model size or scenery restrictions because of a theme in the army.

TOs of other events will obviously continue to allow whatever they like.

So there’s no need to panic :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarity. Much appreciated.

What Matt said!

This was Ronnie’s comment on the issue.


Thank you for clearing this up. This is exactly how I interpreted Ronnie’s post as well.

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That’s how I saw it too. Ultimately its up to TOs to determine the criteria for tournaments like how some TOs allow unpainted models. MMC is and will be part of KOW like it or not for some time to come.

If it was RMC (required model count) I can see being upset but it’s preferred MC so people need to relax.