Preparing for Monster March

Those who have been here for more than a few months, might know about the yearly challenge hosted by @Swordmaster , #Monster March!

Last year’s entries were gorgeous! You can find about them all here. Though I don’t know if Swordmaster can find the time to host the challenge again this year, I decided to start out early this year. If Swordie can’t make it this year, I’ll post the progress on my own blog and here.

As this challenge has been a community thing, anyone can enter! Usually, there are a lot of fantasy-related monsters (including mine) but other genres are present too. Hopefully, the great projects from previous years (all can be found on Swordie’s blog) inspire you to join too!

This year, my contribution will be modest - a humble goblin blaster. But not the Mantic model, I chose a great 3d print by titan forge minis.. You can find my entry (and hopefully all future updates) on my blog.


Perfect timing @Vince!

I have just posted about Monster March 7 :slight_smile:


Started to build a count-as winged halfbreed


I started with my goblin blaster.

The process can be found here:


One of the things i’ll aim to get some paint on over the next 3 weeks.


I don’t know if I have anything monstrous enough for this march, but it’s always exciting seeing what people work on!

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MonsterMarch, week 2&3 – Vince on all things Kings of War here’s my update!