Regnum Aeternum - Written Battle Reports for KoW 3rd Edition

I had some time away from work last week, and managed to get a few games in, so I’ll have a few reports coming soon! First one is up, for Battle 018, Abyssals vs Salamanders in Pillage.

For this game, I was looking to test out the Manifestation of Ba’el and the Well of Souls.

The Manifestation brings a ton of utility to the list. A flier with Regen and Stealthy and Lightning Bolt is pretty great. The Nerve is a little low, so it’s not as durable as a normal flier, but this still seems like a power choice for the Forces of the Abyss.

Similarly, the Well of Souls is really cool pick, able to syphon up wounds onto itself from nearby friendly units and then Lifeleech them away in combat. I didn’t use it particularly well, but it was still a lot of fun to explore. It seems like it has a very high skill ceiling, so I will definitely give it another try!

Thanks to @Mitch_novem for the game! It was fun to test out some new monsters from the Abyss.


The second game is a rematch against the Salamnders in Battle 019. My opponent kept the same list with sturdy units and heals, but I switched a few things around to run a Chroneas.

The Chroneas has potential, especially alongside Molochs, but it wasn’t a great or extensive test for the monster of time. I’ll just have to run it again at some point I suppose!

Thanks again to @Mitch_novem for braving the first snow of the season to play.


I’ve really been enjoying your reports of late, dunno if it’s the recent demonic bent things are taking or maybe you tweaked some things in the reportage or maybe I’m just taking the time to enjoy your commentary more than I usually do when I’m reading to find out how lists worked out (which I realize is often what I’m looking for with batreps). I’m thinking about bringing out one of my legacy armies for the next few months and running it as Abyssals, an army I don’t have much experience with and generally am not a huge fan of. There’s definitely stuff to like - lots of regen, some nice combined arms, diversity of profiles and some very unique monsters / titans - but whenever I face them I’m often able to take advantage of that De 4+ and scalpel out the more obvious threats (like Ba’el, a dude I’ve killed a fair number of times but often have to devote a lot to do it).

Anyway, keep up the good work!

EDIT: I meant to add, I really want the Chroneas to be good and am planning to run one, probably with drain life whenever possible. Yours didn’t seem to get up to too many hijinks in the last game, but how are you liking it?

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@Boss_Salvage , thank you for the kind words. Yeah, the Abyssals aren’t without their weaknesses, but have been fun so mess around with far, just given the variety of stuff they can field. They can also hit a little harder than my usual humans, which I am liking, as it leads to games and not just trying to mitigate my losses haha.

This was the first outing, and it was not a very insightful test for the Chroneas. Unfortunately I kept forgetting about my own Cloak of Death and it didn’t even see much combat. All that said though, I definitely do see the potential.

I have not tried Drain Life yet. The upgrade seems a bit niche and a bit of a trap to me though. Drain Life could let the Chroneas heal itself, so the upgrade is not without merit. The Chroneas also has the height for good line of sight, but it doesn’t have nimble, so casting the spell will be more difficult. DL is a pretty short range spell too. I think just about anything you are going to be able to hit with a DL typically, you are also going to be able to charge. The Chroneas is a fighty monster, so charging is in is what it wants to be doing, as melee is the only way it’s Temporal Ruptures rule is going to trigger.

Someone on Facebook also suggested running two Chroneases together, in order to remove damage from each other which seems fun. Not sure if that is a good use of 400+ points, but I do like the idea.

If you have some fighty units for it to fight beside, I’d definitely recommend the Chroneas. I am lukewarm on the Drain Life upgrade right now though.

Good luck to you! And thank you for the feedback.


I got one other game in last week, Battle 020 against @Cartwright where we each ran a new army. I painted up some Stormcast earlier this year to use as Ogres in possible intro games, and took them for a spin against some Undead.

I put a lot of faith in two Ogre Shooter Hordes, but they didn’t deliver due to bad positioning. The army requires a surprising amount of finesse! Lots of other, smaller units on both sides of the table made this an interesting and bloody game, and I had fun while learning a lot. Thanks to my opponent for fitting this in on a weekday!


Thanks for the fun game! IMO, your shooters were fine, but the boomers didn’t seem to be very effective with the limited range. Your warlocks with LB were a big challenge for me.

Fair points re zombie spam. I like your idea about death pack screening the soul reavers. Let’s see if I can talk E into it…

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All the Ogre ranged options demand a little more finesse and foresight than I brought to the table this time. I’ll need to mess around with the units a bit more.

You could probably get by with just one Deathpack per Soul Reaver unit for now - I think you just want the option to spring ahead when the opportunity arises, and don’t need a full wing of those. And last I heard you were the one with the 3d printer and the paints. If E has a few extra units on the shelf so be it. :grin:

Thanks for fitting the game in. It was fun trying out some new stuff!

Ha. I’ll see if I can find some good stls and see what I can do.