Regnum Aeternum - Written Battle Reports for KoW 3rd Edition


Bless 'em :face_holding_back_tears:


My sentiments exactly @Darkblack haha. And a surprisingly great show as well there!

Rally is a separate special rule to auras.
It does not apply to the unit with the rule and it stacks differently to auras.

Well, thankfully that’s how we had been playing Rally. That might have been where the confusion snuck in and soured our understanding. I am long overdue for a rules reread! Thanks again for taking the time to post and set us right!


Ironically, after they pulled their lists together originally, I made some tweaks to make them marginally more optimal, and they insisted on walking back to their original list. Their argument was something along the lines that because Team Old is more experienced, if they build exactly as we would, we’ll win from experience. So it’s better for them to do their own unusual thing so we’d have to compete against something we’ve never seen before. There’s some logic in that, but apparently not enough to make up for leaving the gladestalkers alone all game :sweat_smile:

Fun game @TastyBagel ! I appreciate your willingness to make the drive and get in a suboptimal game to keep them invested in the hobby!


Always happy to make the drive @Cartwright! Without fail these games have been very fun. Thanks to you and the boys for hosting me!

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