Revamping an old army

Way back in the distant past (2016ish?) GW had blown up the old world and my humam R&F models were homeless and unwanted :pensive:

Mate said try KoW :grinning: Models were taken off the individual bases and sent to fight in the dreaded ‘black sand’ wasteland of the cheap hobbyist!

Time passes (3 years maybe?). Various units got used in a vague effort to make what was a 5th ed warhammer army work in something different [not that it really worked in the old world anyway!]

A FoA army had been built with ruined city theme as another project.

I thought might might suit some of these as well, so redid it, plus adding stuff to make it basilean-ish.

I probably then bored people to death with random posts and some really cr*p pictures in this topic blog!

[Partially in my defence, the smart phone I had at the time was rated by Which as the worst mobile phone camera around! Everything else - awful composition, dreadful lightning and over using the edit function - is entirely my fault!]

I basically haven’t touched it since and it’s really never been used outside of a ‘bring everything you have’ battle - although I’m happy with how some units actually look.

All my human type stuff now has a different basing (village/rural thing) & paint style (brown!) so these don’t fit, although the actual models would - but will not get used much as the army stands.

At the same time, all the potentially ‘spare bases’ can get used when the FotA get a revamp later in '24 :thinking:

So what I’m basically rambling on about is that the red/blue/yellow lot are being repurposed and repainted to fit with the 25k pts of human stuff i already have!

It gives me good sized hobby project to do, without a large outlay on models - just basing etc

With stuff like the foot knight unit I’m just thinking about repainting cloth/feathers etc, others might get a proper going over since they are very old.

To be honest, not entirely sure why there is so much background into this(!), but it seems vaguely cathartic and I’m having a beer!

I know some people will strip & repaint models over time, but not something I’ve done a huge amount, possibly because i know where i sit in the hobby spectrum


Always good to old minis get back on the table!

I have a repair/ revamp project for my 15mm historical waiting for me in the cupboard.

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