Ronnie's Update 2022

Ronnie has a short video update on the plans for the rest of the year you can watch it here;

The big news is no CoK this year, there will be an updated gamers book that includes all the rules, errata, FAQs, Uncharted Empires Lists and previous CoK amendments and formations.

Rules for smaller and larger KoW battles as well as optional extras.

There will be an app for the kids that have stories, lore, alongside rules and stats although still working with Easy Army.

And to finish things off new Hard Plastic Chariots for Ogres, goblins, orcs, and anyone else who needs a ramshackle wooden battle taxi.

Also, new hard plastic ogres

Also, also, Rift Forged Orcs are getting a Storm Giant


Kyle just released a video in more detail about the book and reasoning


They reintroduced siege rules! Are those the ones @Gerrcinn updated to 3rd, I wonder?
Great idea to implement smaller games. I’ve got a Vanguard playing friend to persuade to play KoW. This will be perfect!
Also, it gives me even more reason to build and paint my Fireforge castle.


I’m pretty intrigued by this table:

It seems like different races have different ‘abilities’ while being the defender. Nice.


it all looks good to me. I’m loving the new Orc Giant dude, and excited about siege warfare .

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I think it is a storm giant BUT I can see him in an Orc army no problem.


LOVE the change to Host Shadowbeast, both from a balance standpoint and because it gives milksop casters, particularly high level / high mobility ones (Liche Kings!) some combat potential if that’s a thing they want. I appreciate that this actually adds a new tactical avenue to the game, as opposed to just having a caster make the highest tier melee heroes even better.


So Twilight Kin are being gentle retired for a period while Mantic figure out some concrete background for them and produce a range of plastic and resin models.


yeah saw that this morning and it’s good news, I’m looking forward to seeing what the plan is long term for them


1: I want Huscarls not even more new armies darn it.
2: New range and new lore are cool, but I’m not sure ‘temporarily removed’ is the best way to go about refreshing an army. Why remove them if your new version isn’t ready yet? Why do that to committed players who don’t play anything else?


Did I read it wrong, TK are still totally still a thing during this down time, right? They wrote a lot about why the pre-COK23 rules aren’t being included - which largely seems to be to avoid brand new TK players from starting up an army based on old rules - but I very much doubt there’s a single event that’s going to bar them. I mean, if their beta rules were valid for so long, I can’t believe their 3E + COK22 rules won’t be.

Honestly it seemed like Mantic trying to be transparent about TK not appearing in the otherwise complete af compendium … but then tripping over their feet a bit in the announcement.

EDIT: Also YES please complete the Northern Alliance release, 3 sculpts should be a minimum for every infantry unit :man_facepalming: Let alone making models purchasable outside of Vanguard boxes.


They might be doing this for nightstalkers while they’re at it.


Because of the committed players, they now know a year in advance that something new is coming (so they can save on investment), those that want to start know that a new list is coming and might be better to wait
And the list is still there and playable for those that want to play it

Way better than saying a month after releasing a new book with TK that they get new rules and models a week later

And it worked for Halflings (removing them first and add a new list later with models)


They leave it is EasyArmy until end of March. Then they will remove it due to an update/release. Adding a list to a book You will remove in 6 months is not Mantic style. New list will be added to App and online builders and I assume later when rulebook get an update or as a part of CoK 2024.


You mean the paid online army builder that gets updated too slowly for a paid online app? Because its not run like a paid app its a free app made by a guy in his spare time they added a charge to as a treat to the guy for community service etc etc but its still being made by one guy in his free time so its just not good enough?

Hm. Oh well.

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Yes, that.

Oh…and the official app they want to release.


I just feel like they should’ve saved it for next year if it wasn’t done for this year. Not this weird half-measure.

so they would publish a list in a new edition of the rules and then invalidate people’s purchases of that book in 6 months?

I think the route they’ve chosen is much cleaner


they are saving it for next year, they are just telling you now that it will happen next year

the Uncharted Empire book with the rules is not gone or no longer legit, until the new rules arrive everything is there and legal


Mantic want to redo an army that is currently in their books. Leave it out of the Big Red Book but make the (note updated) rules for them available, even if a bit trickier via a system they have worked with for years.

The whole Twilight Kin thing has never really work for me.

It existed in v1 as evil elves, with some stupidly over the top heroes (one with de7, someone that auto-wounded or kill units on 4+)? They had models - metal upgrade kits for the plastic elves and some heroes.

Then it was a basic port across from WFB, at a time when Dark Elves were already at a point where no-one took any basic infantry as shooting, magic and elite heroes won you the game.

The iffy pfd version after the Old World ended wasn’t great. Mishmash of background/models. Think this was the era of the 4 chariot legions, 3 dragons and an arch fiend list - terrible to play/face, but stupidly dangerous.

Get the background tied up nicely with the NS, ditch the Abyssal link, get some nice models going and come back in 2023.


I don’t play TK, so I’m not directly affected. I got to say though, I really like the way Mantic openly communicates what they plan with Twilight Kin. I don’t know if the way they do it is the best, but certainly one can plan on buying/not buying new models and stuff.