Sand and water

I had a bit of hobby slump over the summer, after finishing phase one of my Sylvan Kin / Forces of Nature forest army: Edzig's Forces of Nature / Sylvan Kin.

I’ve picked up a bit in the autumn, and finally got round to a second Bone Giant for my Empire of Dust and a couple of Depth Horror Eternals for my Disney-bright Trident Realm.

I’ve also been painting scenery - aiming to get themed scenery for each of my three gaming mats instead of the hotch potch of pieces I have at the moment. First up was some abyssal-looking pieces.

Pictures in the following posts, when I remember how to add them.


Bone Giant (Reaper metal mini). The one on the left is the new one.


Next a couple of Depth Horror Eternals (Reaper Bones minis). I don’t know how come I never had any of these in my TR army before - probably because I haven’t really used the army since the start of 3rd edition. I went a bit overboard on the basing to compensate for the fact that minis themselves are on the small side for large infantry.


And last up the scenery.