Edzig's Forces of Nature / Sylvan Kin

I’ve been playing Forces of Nature on UB for a while (including through the whole of the recent Call to Arms 3 UB tourney). That’s helped me to decide what kind of army I want (FoN offering so many different builds) and to pick units. It’s going to be a trees and centaurs army, plus the odd pegasus, and unicorn.

I’ve just finished the first unit - a regiment of Forest Shamblers. I’ll keep posting progress here (as well as on FB in the Slow Grow Army Challenge and the Forces of Nature groups.

The pictures aren’t great, but the colour scheme and basing look good (to my eyes, at least) in the flesh.


Really good! I really like forces of nature they’re really cool models, good painting!:+1:

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These look really good to me! I’m planning on (finally) getting my FoN army going as well.

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