Scarhandpainting Armada guides and tutorials

Ahoy mates!

Last few days made me reconsider adding Armada gaming related content to my website for all those who does not use Facebook. I think this way the content is easier to google and share as searching and copying links to particular group posts, some rather old, might be quite tiresome.

I plan to keep posting here in the FB group, but also add content to my website, for everyone to enjoy.

First post is up. KoW Armada: Faction Guide

**Second article transferred to the site: KoW Armada: Ramming for Dummies

I compiled and refreshed data from both Twilight Kin faction focus and Armada Faction Summary.

Here’s also a list of Hobby and Painting related content:
“Kraken Islands” Special Project

Tutorial: Painting Empire of Dust Monolith

Tutorial: Painting Kings of War Armada Dwarf Fleet

Tutorial: KoW Armada Water Bases

Review: Mantic Kings of War: Armada Ships

Tutorial: Kings of War Armada Islands

I hope you find this content entertaining. Would also appreciate any feedback.



I used your base tutorial for my Armada Ships. It’s brilliant

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This makes a great resource. As someone not on fb, I appreciate you taking the time to repost it here.


Thanks folks, glad you like the content.

Second article transferred to the site: KoW Armada: Ramming for Dummies

Now I need to somehow get a glance at Kingdom of Men captains, faction special rules and upgrades so I can add KoM to the Faction Summary. Anyone have these cards and could share a pic privately? Won’t be using them for gaming, nor sharing any further - just want to know what the rules are so I can properly dive into the faction.

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Added the Kingdom of Men faction primer to:
KoW Armada: Faction Guide KoW Armada: Faction Guide -

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