Skeleton spearmen

Gotta stop proxying my undead warriors as spearmen, and make some actual spear-holding skeletons. No problem as I love painting the mantic skeletons. :slight_smile:


Those look great! Mine are still unassembled, but these make me want to paint mine. You are right, painting Mantic skeletons is fun.

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Definetly still one of Mantics best kits. They have aged super well.
Hmm, guess I could also need a few skeleton spearmen :wink:

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Very cool. Nice work.

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They are fun to paint - lucky as we need lots of um

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Update. All painted, started basing.


Are they slotted into the multibase?

No just glued onto the base and then covered the base with pva+sand. The discs under their feet hardly show after that.

Thx. They look great btw. Still trying to decide if I should attempt doing mine as removable and try to get some more mileage out of them for other games.


I personally base all my models on individual bases for that very reason. Too many good fantasy systems out there to limit my self to just one. It is also why I have my force with the actual Model Count.

Edit, nice paint job. The colour scheme works very well.


Lovely work Fred!


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Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Here is the finished unit (extra troop also done but not featured). Still going with my simple blue basing to match the rest of my undead army.