Sword of September - painting topic

I love those little sloops.

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Brilliant! Love these minis and always happy to see them get some action. Great gradient on dad.


cheers, I’m just starting to use the airbrush for more than priming, every time I think I’m going well I block up the brush or mess up the painting but it’s a step in the right direction,

I’ve started the little ones as well, they went on the base to play a game but they’re coming back off for a proper paint job and I even got some squirrels to add for reasons…


Chubby squirrels for scale :clap:


Congrats on the improvement with the airbrush. It has become a vital part of the hobby for me. Still learning though.


I’ve started working on my Roman Praetorian guards unit (KoM possibly).
Initially, I was going to go for an Imperial purple, but the purple I have: Citadel Hormagaunt Purple foundation was just not doing it for me, so I’ve switched to Necron Abyss for a midnight blue look rather than the usual Legionnaires Red. The cloaks look great so far, but now that they are done, I’m considering my options for the rest of the palette. The plate armour for instance could be silver, or Black with silver or gold trim, or a dark leather tan perhaps. Also, the feather plumes ? To add to this I’ve only just noticed that the shield decals are red with gold design and white moons on them. So, any suggestions on a suitable palette would be much appreciated?


Hoping to get this boat put of the shipyard before the end of the month!

You know, whoever designed these elven ships… both applause and fist shaking your way, haha. They are beautiful but I don’t have the skill to do them justice.

But… ordered more of them anyway, hehe.


Hey all, just finished a skeleton horde with spears. I hate painting rank and file but these mantic skeleton sprues are really good. Still some limitations when making big units but really fun to make some dynamic poses.

Also my attempt at magic sword for the leader and close up of standard bearer.

Im using emanel army painter strong quickshade for this army. Not using dip method but that paint really covers up details so bold highlights are required after otherwise the colour tones are lost.

Im not sure its saved me time but still happy with them overall


Hello everyone!

Many thanks for posting photos of your fantastic projects! Very inspirational as always!

I have just started a new topic for the last quarter of 2022. Here is the link:

OMG October! - painting topic

See you there!