Swordmaster's Monster March

In 2020 Swordmaster (also known from his elven MSU battle reports) again hosts his anual painting challence: monster march.

From Swordsmasters ’ own website:

What is Monster March? In short, it is a painting challenge where you choose one big model from your collection and paint it during entire month. It’s the opportunity to paint that centre piece of your collection that perhaps was waiting a bit long for you to start working on it. Or maybe you have just got a great model and can’t wait to paint it! Whatever the reason and whatever the model (although the bigger the better!), it is your opportunity to enjoy painting and sharing progress on weekly basis with other participants.

Though there are many kinds of models (not only fantasy), there’s plenty of KoW material there. Here’s this years’ list of participants:

Anyhow, I stumbled on the website yesterday, so I decided on the spot to join too. . The model, as Basilean Phoenix, will be a challenge to paint, but that’s part of the fun!

If you also want to join, Swordmaster still takes contributions!


Should be fun to watch. I can’t participate as my painting queue is quite full at the moment. :smile:

And here’s the week 1 update:

Thanks for Swordsmaster to host this!

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Hi @Vince!

Thanks so much for starting the topic about Monster March! I greatly appreciate that you took time to spread the news!

Your choice of the model is awesome and you are doing great with such a beautiful but demanding model to paint. I am really happy you decided to take part in the challenge.

There is still time to join, I was surprised myself that I managed to paint one of my Drakon Lords in 2 weeks!

Keep up the great work!

Oh, here is the link to the most recent update on the progress of the participants, some really great looking models there:

Monster March - Part 3

Once again, thank you! :slight_smile:


Mhhh … would I qualify with a Forest Shambler or is that too small? Finally got around starting to paint those, but don’t want to skip to the big guns / dragons yet ….

When I first started the Hobby with Warhammer as a 15 year old, I started painting two Treemen and a Dragon and then lost interest after painting the 5th Archer then … got into Everquest/MMOs … stupid me. :laughing:

So this time, over 2 decades later, i swore not to fall into this trap … and am slowly but steadily painting my regiments first. 3 regiments (60 models total)) and 3 characters done so far and now finally something bigger with the Forest Shamblers.

… once those (6) are done I’ll have the first 1000 points of the Army finished and also have a full Vanguard Warband. :slight_smile:

In any case, as I’m a very slow painter … so I’ll probably be ready for my first dragon for next year’s monster March. :wink:


Hi @Mikes,

Absolutely! In fact, I painted my Forest Shamblers last year so jump on board and don’ worry! It is more about you starting a project at all!



Here is the link to the most recent update on the progress participants of #MonsterMarch4 have made since last weekend! A bit more than a week is left until the end of the challenge!

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Is it too late to join in?

My comments from a couple of weeks ago seem to have gotten eaten… but I do definitely have a candidate with quite a lot of in-progress shots! :slight_smile:

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Hell, no. Just give Swordie a message /mail

Or just write up a blog post and mail him the link. I’m sure it’ll feature in next week’s Monster March!



Hi @Remy77077!

I am really sorry that your message got lost :frowning: And I do apologise if I missed it.

Please let me know what is your model and send me an email with some photos and I will be more than happy to add them to the next update! It is never too late!


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No worries re: the old message.

Well, it might not quite be big enough to classify for Monster March but I will do a blog update anyway and send it over to you soon :smiley: Feel free to include if you think it’s good enough!
(I actually already finished the painting now though, but I have a lot of WIP photos from the last few weeks too)

It’s a brand new Shieldwolf Wartoad Rider btw. So only a 40mm base size.

Here’s a blog post about my “entry” @Swordmaster , if it makes the cut :smiley:

Sorry I wasn’t able to give you progress along the way, but there’s shots of how it went over the last couple of weeks at least :slight_smile:


Love him!

As for what he can represent: there’s always the option of a troll bruiser on the 40x40 base!

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Thanks Vince! That’s a good point, I missed the Troll Bruiser option too.

The bigger Shieldwolf “Warborn Toad” also makes a great Kuzlo & Madfall I reckon, although I also really like the Mantic model for them, so I want to get that as well one day :grin:

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Sent you 2 pictures of the Forest Shambler in progress Swordmaster.

Forgot to add a subject to the mail before I sent it. So that weird mail without subject and 2 attachments, that s me :smile:


Finally, the Phoenix is finished!

Here’s the full blog post with many more pictures.


It is fantastic @Remy77077!

I will definitely add it to the update on Sunday! Really great looking model! Well done!

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Got them @Mikes! :slight_smile:

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Awesome @Vince! Looks fantastic indeed!