The Buckmarsh - bog elves, shrooms and beastmen


As the forum seems to enjoy the blog format for armies and picture showcases, it’s probably time to start one! :slight_smile:

I’m far with the army at the moment, really, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have new models coming up every now and then. What’s more, better pictures would be definitely something I’d like to take at some point, so I’m rather confident this will not be a single-post-thread!

So, first things first, here is the link to the blog where I’ll try and collect pictures of my armies:

I’ll try and remember to post pictures of new stuff as we go! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any comments!


The newest additions to the herd is the second regiment of Draugr I kind of rushed to finish on my day off. They’re still a bit unfinished for the bases, but the whole point of the army is to not spend too much time on the details and perfectionism. :slight_smile:

In other words: when it’s done, it’s done!

I will take better pictures when I have finished the basing and details and matched the regiments on the finer points.


An army very much after my Hallow Herd’s heart :green_heart: I’ve really enjoyed exploring the modeling possibilities of spooky / angry / fungal / cthonic swamp fae and looks like you do as well. Great work throughout.

Same for me. I always make an army as an exploration in tone more than anything, and that’s gone double for my Hallow crew.


I do remember your army, and it was wildly interesting! :slight_smile: My army here of course started as a Herd army as well (and Sylvan kin) but the latest update (or lack thereof) for Herd left it sorely in a spot where I didn’t really want to play it anymore with the models I have going for it. I feel like, at the moment, Varangur has definitely received most love from the options I have thought for these models, and I enjoy playing that list at the moment quite a bit. I’m hoping touches on the Nature master list will eventually give Herd and Sylvan kin a facelift as well! Herd is close to my heart.

A final update on these Draugr with just about finished basing!


Nolzur’s miniatures are excellent for Kings of War in my opinion. The material is suitable for playing in particular, and they come in cheap and large. Especially for titan and monster needs the Nolzur models are, in my opinion, an excellent value if you’re not looking for center piece models for your army, but rather gaming pieces that are more than servicable.

I procured this Froghemoth second hand for 10 euro, and would be planning on getting a second one as their shelf price is nto more than 19 euro. What is he standing in for then? You guessed it - hydras!

Hydras look very interesting to be honest. Their stat line is that of bulk and less of punching power, and only for 150 points they should serve as interesting road blocks that are easy to get around with despite lacking Nimble.

I’ll have to take a new look at Herd and maybe even Nature and see if I could make a monster-centered list.