The Dark Horde of Baron Grigor Eichenvald

New project time!
I’ve been very slowly painting up some Vampires with the intention of making a display board and 2300 pt army of Undead.
The board/diorama will involve an Undead army overrunning a farming town.
As with all of my projects the minis come from a variety of different lines. I’ve included GW Slaves to Darkness Knights and Warriors as my Soul Reavers, Mantic Zombies, Runewars Wights, Wrath of Kings Werewolves, and a handful of other minis.
I picked up some AP Speed paints over the holidays that have now gotten me started on my Zombie Legions for the formation. The only things 100% finished painting so far are the Soul Reaver cavalry.
The bases in the pictures are just for flavour pics and are from my Warlock tiles set. The actual bases will be muddy fields, graveyard, and cobblestone streets.


very nice Findol

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Some more WIP Zombies. Been mixing various speed paints to get more variety and some of the tones I’m looking for. Very happy with this approach so far.


Finished my Soul Reaver Infantry.
To be based later.
I’m happy with the head swaps. They make them look enough like Vampires but keep the evil viking theme.


Starting to work on my Goreblight.


First paint session update. Really happy with the blue/grey/brown undercoat then 50/50 mixed with necrotic flesh for the mid tone.


Monster March Goreblight update!
Feels really good to be working on a larger scale model for a change to practice my highlighting and blending. Making glazes from the AP speedpaint medium has been very helpful.


Goreblight is done and now onto the Skeleton Hulk that will be part of my Troll horde!


Like the skeleton hulk - where’s it from?

Thanks! A friend of mine got it from an event but a Google Lens search came up with Thane Hulgrof the Drowned on Artisan Guild.


Taking a pause from the Zombie trolls to work on a mock up of Zombie Legion #1. Some features I’m excited about are the tussle over a spear at the wall breach, the recently reanimated soldiers, and a wall climbing zombie getting speared (not made yet)

Bonus shot: A Soul Reaver infantry hacking into a defending soldier for the SR regiment.