The Host of Lionstone (Elves)

Greetings and salutations!

I’ve been gaming for quite a few years, but only fairly recently really got into the repainting and remodeling of my old elf army from my 6th edition Warhammer days. I much prefer the ruleset of KoW, and would be happy to hear some input or contructive criticism on my work! Due to the army’s past life as High Elves, the units have command groups and sometimes the champions are shot in a separate picture :slight_smile:

Elf Kings/Princes on foot

Dragon Kindred Lord

Drakon Rider Lord

Elf Mage (he has been based since this picture)

Drakon Riders Regiment

Palace Guard Troop

Palace Guard Regiment (Has been based since the taking of this picture)

Palace Guard Regiment

Stormwind Cavalry Regiment

Stormwind Cavalry Regiment

Silverwind Cavalry Troop

War Chariot (has been based since the taking of this picture, and joined by one more)

Therennian Sea Guard Regiment (They have been based since the taking of this picture)

Therennian Sea Guard Regiment (They have been based since the taking of this picture)

Kindred Tallspears Regiment

Kindred Tallspears Regiment (still require snow on the bases and a last layer of highlights on the gold)

Kindred Archers Regiment

Bolt Thrower

Allied Great Eagles


Looks really cool man!
Love the lion theme on them, definitely some of the best tall spears I have ever seen.
Good job!

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Love the color pallet, the lion model range and the attention to detail. Great job!

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Thanks! I’ve actually converted the bolt thrower to be more “lioney” as well since the taking of that picture, new pictures coming in… whenever I have the chance to take them :sweat_smile:

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Here’s the first test model for my Gladestalkers. I am not yet sure about whether to do the scalemail on green like the rest or dark metal to set them apart from the rest of the army, a bit darker and more grim look. What do you guys think?

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First batch of Gladestalkers ready! The lighting is off, so they look a lot darker and more flat than in real life, but overall I am rather satisfied. The varnish left a bit of an odd finish however, not sure what happened there.

I think for my future pictures I need a lighter colored background for the units. Maybe I can swing one for an army picture, somehow…

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A quick glimpse of the entire host, assembled to answer the call for aid from a watchtower! Also some better pictures of some units :stuck_out_tongue:

Griffon Knights (Drakon Riders)

Made some changes to the RBTs, giving them a small “lionesque” flair

Chariot regiment is also ready to go

And next projects:
Second Standard Bearer

Hunters of the Wild