Third edition Rumours part 2

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Exciting stuff!

Yeah…Treefrog guys Spd 7 Me4 De4 A12 Ne14/16 Fly Nimble Pathfinder CS1 Ensnare and regular.

  • Don’t really care about new riverguard, but spd7 is way cooler than 6 with fly.
  • Heartpiercers get to keep the steady aim from the formation, but go irregular, pretty cool. More of a dedicated shooting unit without pathfinder and ensnare.
  • Gigas get the spd5 from the formation, gain nimble (!!!), and trade a point of crushing for vicious, that’s quite nice. I like to think the nimble is to represent scuttling.
  • War engine is pretty neat, 2 shots at 4+ is good enough to take just one and still expect some work, and the harpoon rule is… interesting. If it disorders like the siren’s call then even a single point is quite valuable, if not I don’t really see the use.
  • Untyped wild charge aura off of that aquamage is pretty interesting!
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They have Spd 7 AND FLY.

The Trident Realm army I literally finished painting last night is apparently illegal in 3E, since it uses Heartpiercers for unlocks. That’s pretty disheartening, and means I have to build + paint the Wyrmriders I was avoiding simply for unlocks. Gigas nimble is the coolest bit - and the Bane pull - tho extra points again puts my current list into a tailspin. Extra curious to see what the full faction looks like now.

So neat changes, but rather bittersweet at the moment.

EDIT: Also no Ensnare is rough on Heartpiercers, or at least how I was going to use them, as mini-tarpits in addition to occasionally shooting.

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Was that… heartpiercing? :wink:


And he’ll probably cry a River. Guarding his emotions would have kept him from getting Ensnared by these puns.




Night Stalker Nightmares lose 1 point of Nerve on the rout check and go down 15 points. Close to a regiment of Elf Drakons. Still irregular though.

Im wondering what will happen with the Terror. I like the model.

So I am still running with my theory that the host of these preview videos doesn’t quite understand what the words “significantly” and “significant” mean. Despite how often he uses them.

I dont have an opinion on that, but in any case I think the videos are very high quality and deserve praise. :slight_smile:

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The videos are great and the production quality is fantastic. I give full credit for an excellent job done. It’s just those words are grating on me. Thankfully, I’m not at Beasts of War level of eye rolling…

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I feel your pain, as this sucks balls! I’ve had a simiar case once:

(this detachment was also invalidated before completing it.)

That said, this is always the risk when building an army shortly before the rules changes drop. The good news is that you can probably find something to patch it and the majority of your army is already done.

For my goblins, this is gonna be trolls. I need 2 hordes to be able to field everything I already painted. I might even finish it sometime. Current progress here:


I mean, in my defense I started painting the Heartpiercers (60 of them!) in February, when 3E was an inevitability we expected to land in 2020 …

Also just realized Gigas are moving to 50mm bases, which means I have to rip mine off their 120x80 tray on top of add some Wyrms for unlocks. deep breaths

Use the base size difference as a hobby opportunity! You could glue the current base to the new base and just add filler material to blend them together by like they are standing on a tiny hill. Even better, you could make the rear side sit higher than the front side which would have the Gigas scuttling downhill!

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You and your good ideas :triumph: I’ll probably use the opportunity to paint 3 more for each horde, as I originally was doing 9 but they didn’t really fit on the 120x80.

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Im hoping that at the least HEADSTRONG is improved. Its weak compared to other army wide rules. Elite, Vicious, Crushing strength, Pathfinder. It looks like Goblins even lost Yellow belly, so that’s a bonus for them. Headstrong has been a complaint from many Dwarf players for quite a while, if they missed this, it doesn’t give me any faith in the rest of their decisions.

Army special rule is just one part of army design, they don’t all need to be equivalent.

This mentality of getting “given” or “losing” things like treats is counter to Mantic and the RC balancing the game. They’re done more than well enough to earn our trust in regards to keeping a balanced game.
Despite some people posting like dwarfs are an unplayable mess barely held together by TOTALLY NOT OP brock riders.


Right…well that’s your opinion.
Dwarfs have one fast unit . One. So obviously it was taken AND will still be taken since it was ’ fixed’.
The game and many scenarios rely on MOVEMENT. So Dwarfs need a unit that has some speed. If not, then they will need shooting. Something that has been said to be toned down in 3rd also.
If you think that is somehow good for a Dwarf army… then I dont know what to say.
Oh what a treat!
Im still hoping it gets better once everything is plain
to see.

As somebody once said : " army rules don’t all need to be equivalent , they are part of overall army design…" …or some such.

Let me throw it back.
Units don’t have to all be equivalent, they are part of overall army design…

To everyone.
Ps. Support the forum on Patreon or it will go away like the Mantic Forums.

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