Trident Realms: let's talk about units

Wrath of Kings Hadross stuff was finally too cheap for me to resist, so I’m getting into trident realms! I’d like to chat a bit about the unit options to help plan my hobby strategy.

Naiad Ensnarers: these, I like. Regen 4+, ensnare, and pathfinder are the dream to clog up a big section of board, and maneuvering to limit their exposure to damage is an interesting puzzle. Probably brew of strength or hammer of measured force to make them a bit more threatening.
Any good in the regiment? Regen really thrives when the unit can soak up some damage, so that 13/15 makes me nervous.

Thuul: quick, high attack density, take a bit of effort to remove. Seem to compete most directly with depth horrors, not really sure when you’d prefer one over the other.

Placoderms: obviously very tough, but I’m not sure I get them. I wonder if the regiment to plug smaller holes is a good pick?

Nokken: breath attack on a unit, that’s fairly novel. I suppose they threaten individuals fairly well? I have trouble imagining them surviving when played forward, would like to hear more.

Naiad Heartpiercers: nice ranged attacks, good at attrition. Is the jar of four winds too expensive for 12 attacks? I fear it is.

Riverguard: interesting skirmishers. Very hard to appraise that speed 6 fly without getting it on the table, I’m thinking it’s quite hard to hop behind enemy lines.

Water Elementals: great if you want to pay the surge tax. I don’t really intend to, though it’s nice to have the option in-faction.

Depth Horrors: quick, hitty, squishy… reliable? See above about competing with Thuul.

Gigas: very cool, very extreme. The formation is a pretty big deal. They open cans in a serious way, but will attract every enemy can opener.

Tidal Swarm: looks to me like some of the best chaff in the game. Nimble, fearless, cheapish.

Naiad Wyrmriders: expensive, heavy ish cav. Pretty good strikers with an oppressive threat range, but big footprint and low durability hold them back.

Leviathan’s Bane: I don’t care for 5+ artillery, but these at least have two shots. Don’t expect to ever field them.

Greater Water Elemental: see above for their lesser kin.

Kraken: very compelling monster. Pretty dangerous, pretty tough, and that lovely regen. Pricey, but should perform in a wide variety of situations.

Knucker: another compelling option, anything nimble and speed 9 on a 50x50 is going to be a real headache for the opponent. Stealthy is a real treat.

Coral Giant: fairly similar to the kraken. Basically worse, but cheaper - a solid anchor point that can put out some damage, take effort to shift, and fit in tight spaces. I like it.

Naiad Centurion: that’s a lot of points for 4 attacks. Pass.

Naiad Envoy: woah, the cheap inspiring option gets to take spells?? What a great little support piece, opens up all kinds of builds.

Riverguard Captain: yeah I don’t see it.

Thuul Mythican: can’t have ALL the spells on the Envoy, fair enough. Stealthy on an individual is sure nice, and so is 5 attacks on a wizard? Impressed by this entry.

Placoderm Defender: maybe give it wings and send it off to be a nuisance with def 6? Low nerve, but might be good if it gets to pick its battles.

Depth Horror Eternal: bad knucker, which might still be good enough sometimes.

Wyrmrider Centurion: I don’t really see a place for the centurion on foot, but this has enough going on that it might find a role. Whole lot of stats for 40pts, anyway.

Siren: wow do I ever want to get this on the table. Probably harder to make good use of than I’m imagining, but disordered on a stick is very strong. Probably combine with an envoy with teleport.

Trident King: above all, looks like a lot of fun. Quick, nimble, piercing breath attack, if it can find a crack in the enemy’s line it’s going to be able to do a lot of damage.

Eckter: weird combination of rules. Soaks a charge… pretty well, hits pretty solidly, and has the nice wind blast utility. Not sure when I’d use him, but certainly has some stuff going for him.

Nak-ushi Wyrmrider Commander: 50pts for a point of nerve, heal(5), and nimble? No, I don’t think so.

So, how’d I do? I’ve got naiads, thuul, depth horrors, gigas, some monsters, and some characters on the way, but that leaves me hundreds of points to get to 2250. What are your favourite units?

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Trident Realm is the army everyone is saying they have in the pipeline (including me). Probably because it welcomes so much creativity.

Do you have any photos of the miniatures you are using?


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The shipment is still en route, but it’s going to be a lot of this:

Some good Naiads and probably Thuul, and I’m leaning towards using the big crab monster as a Coral Giant, as they’re a little expensive to get enough for Gigas and they really don’t look height 1. There’s also a smattering of characters in there, and the big fellas will probably end up as Depth Horrors.

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taking advantage of miniature market’s recent sale i see. did you get the sharkmen pit fighters and the Chonchmen dudes as well?

Sure did! Depth Horrors and Gigas, respectively, is the plan. I don’t really want the extra Depth Horrors, but for $4, what was I going to do, NOT buy them?? Was all I could do to limit myself to one box.

I dont play TR but i face them alot…

Eckter teleported is horrid to face!!!

Got cavalry? Eckter teleports 1" away from their front and laughs in their face.

Or he just teleported behind you and causes wind blast havoc & takes an awful lot of effort to kill.

On his own he is not too bad but mixed with teleport
he is a massive pain.

Sure he is an expensive blocker/distraction unit but he can and will cause your opponent fits.


may i make a suggestion for basing? pirate ship decks. give them a “crew of Davy Jones” feel like Pirates of the Caribbean, like they’re boarding a ship.


Wow, I hadn’t looked at that, but is he ever! Double charges from heavy cav are a great way to pop things, so precision blocking one is so cool. Plus, Krakenmaw! Thanks!

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So I own a lot of Hadross - TONS of the crab dudes - and I managed to push through the minimal amount I need for my current TR and then gave up on the minis for now. I can’t stand the material, it’s almost Reaper Bones level of terrible to clean up. I’m just happy I paid next to nothing last Black Friday, because you seriously get what you pay for.

That said, my few dudes painted up great, so I may muscle through a few more when I do the second expansion of this army.

It’s interesting that the Siren doesn’t get more praise. I did plan for a while to go with Trident Realms, and I thought the Siren was an auto-include for me.

As positioning and movement is so important in this game, having a Siren to lure units in closer and getting them out of position, might force them to take a bad engagement, or even lets you shoot the unit down whilst you stay out of charge range from other enemy units. If you also take a couple of more casters with actual wind blast, you can destroy all kinds of planned engagements rather quickly as you lure one unit in and push 2 units back.

Now that the Siren also is inspiring and has drain life, she looks very good to me.


Siren is very good.
While sometimes moving the unit can be good I’d argue it’s the disordering that’s the real kicker. Stripping TC, stop flying & stopping shooting are all massive and again can really screw up your opponents plans.
She was decent before but with Inspiring and Drain life she is even better now.


Well, I guess there’s my Kraken needs met!

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The Siren is amazingly good.

A near auto-include for me.
You are correct, the pulling enemy closer is kind off meh, unless you combo it with some surge for some shenanigans. But the real kicker is the 18", near guaranteed, disorder. Oh you opponent has a near 400pts monster with fly? Siren call that bitch and see the panic in their eyes as this guy is now ‘stuck’ in front of your anvils/units in cover. Same for those scary heavy cav monsters or any shooter problems you might face.

She basically have something that she wants to call in nearly every game. And later she supports your units with a little heal/damage with drain life. Any little bit of heal you can get in an army with so much regen is insanely good.
She forces your opponent to change their game plan, which is always valuable.
Take her, get used to her, and you will learn to love her.

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In my opinion, just about every unit in TR are very good in their roles, I would roughly break the units into these tiers:

Bottom tier:

  • Nokken, I just struggle to see the point or value in them.

  • Riverguard captain, he just gets eclipsed by just about any other option. Like that he is there for fluff, but meh.

Mid tier:

  • Wyrm rider unit: They are okay, they can be very good, but I have a tendency to reach for something else before I take them, but I am planning on experimenting with them more in the future.

  • Leviathan’s Bane: Just general war machine problems. For a war machine I think it is actually really good. 2 shots, and funnily enough, it has ensnare, park him in terrain and watch your opponent struggle to remove it!

  • Centurion and Defender: Both are pretty good with wings for blockers/disruptors. Personally prefer the centurion. Feels like it has more staying power, and is needed for the Fury formation (which is REALLY good)

  • Nak-ushi: Haven’t used her in a while, but want to return to her with a wyrmrider theme force I want to experiment with.

Top tier:
Pretty much everything else.

@Luke To answer your question on naiad regiments:
They are obviously best in hordes, the value of them is insane. But I think they can be good in regiments, though I would not take them unless I have banner of the griffon and Aura of Heroism (both amazing upgrades for TR) in the list. Although you should consider what you want their role to be?

  • As beat sticks: Yeah, there are better options for this
  • As blockers/damage sponges: Can be good, but then I would consider forking out those extra points for the Fury formation and taking the HeartPiercers. They have basically the same defensive stats, but they will if used well (especially in their formation) you will get a ton more out of them. I find them best when working together (on a flank for example) with Eckter as support

Welcome to TR!
These are just my personal opinions, but hope they help!


Thanks for the input! I’m definitely looking at Naiads as a big tarpit that converts high-quality attacks into sadness for my opponent. I was running the shield of the golden horn formation in Basilea for a while, and quite liked it, but found that once they got 10 or so wounds on them they got quite fragile - I’m very much looking forward to the regeneration and ensnare. Plus pathfinder! We’ll see how I feel once they hit the table, but on paper Naiads look like a very strong infantry choice.

I have the kickstarter of the Hadross and bought some other stuff recently…amazing models. And Im happy to see this post, it will help me to assemble my army of Trident realms.

which models do you have and how you will be using them?

They’re still in the mail, but I’ve got 4 starters, a box of pit fighters, twelve shell crackers, and an orsund cavalier on the way. So that’ll be 48 naiads, probably a horde of ensnarers and a regiment of heartpiercers if I can find some speargun bits, 32 gutters for thuul, and four staff guys for envoys.

The big crab fellas will probably be coral giants, but maybe dambusters? We’ll see what the 3rd edition list looks like. The deepman kaxes will probably become depth horrors, but that’s also what the pit fighters fit best and I’m not sure I need that many. The shell crackers will be gigas as long as they fill out the base well enough, and the orsund cavalier will be either a kraken or trident king day to day.

Planning to rustle up some reaper minis for knuckers, work out some tidal swarms, and find a mermaid for the siren.

Have run into TR armies quite a lot - there is lots if variety and they have some decent builds. Will be interesting to see what’s comes in v3, as formations are currently widely used (the one that gives heartpiercers Steady Aim particularly).

Don’t think I’ve seen regular naiads in anything other than hordes - yes, strength or measured force make them tasty.

Siren is a bitch, the monsters are nice and don’t underestimate the Leviathan Bane

Takes a bit of digging but you can find some interesting/successful lists here -

[Go into the individual event and some lists, not all, are available]

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I made a list with Nokken recently. I havent played with them yet, but I have used similiar units in other armies.

SPD5 Me5 De3 10 Att 9/11 105 pts troop
Breath Attack (10), Ensnare, Regeneration (5+), Vanguard

I can’t say they are “cheap” but they are affordable at some level. The way I use similar units as a bait board control. Set them up to vanguard diagonally up the table looking for objectives. On your turn you’re able to reach them with the Breath 10att due to 27" threat. On your turn you move your second line behind them so that when he charges, you can counter charge with the second line. Pick your targets and location. I would take a number of them. 3+ units. I have 4 in my list. I think they are basically 3-4 units with diadem of dragon kind, which would put them at 65+ 30+ vanguard, regen and ensare? Feels like a good deal to me.

If they ignore them its breath 30 or 40 depending on how many you have. They dont have nimble, which maeks them less interesting. Its all about the diagonal deployment and running up the table.

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Very well reasoned. They are a bit vulnerable to shooting, but if you use terrain well that shouldn’t be a problem. Also, looking at those units from an elven perspectives probably also tints my line of thinking somewhat :stuck_out_tongue: