Trogdors orcs

Hei guys and gals and other kings of war hobby aficionados!

Back in the start 2000s I played Whfb with orcs and goblins, and I had lots of painted and unpainted minis. The quality of the paintjobs, and the number of unpainted minis was high. So when I began to play KOW i started an abyssal dwarf army, but always wanted to go back and redo the orcs. So back in september last year I was sick and tired of painting bearded vertically challenged abyssals, and found my ol’ greenskins. I debased and stripped them of paint. Even bought some new stuff to fill the missing holes in my army list.

So just wanted to share what I have painted so far, and later share some new hot stuff!

The heroes

Orc Krudger mounted on a Gore

Krudger on Gore Chariot

Orc Flagger

Orc Flagger mounted on a Gore

Krudger on Winged Slasher


War drum

War drum mounted on war wagon


2 regiments fight wagons or 1 legion

Ranged infantry

2 troops of Skulks

Heavy infantry

1 legion orc ax

1 horde orc Greatax


Looks amazing! :slight_smile:

Really nice army. The winged Slasher especially to my eye looks superb - so much motion and a great paint job.

Looking forward to more updates.

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Looks great, love some of those bases too, fantastic

Great looking Army!

Looks great, although I’m not sure that the skulks are up to PMC (preferred model count) but they look awesome.

Thanks @FredOslow @Niall78 @Nav @listless appreciate the kind words.

@PrinceoftheNorth I’m nowhere near preferred model count on many of my units. For instance my skulk troops, it seemed crowded and uncool to fill it with more models. But if possible I will always try to have somewhere between MMC and PMC on the multibases (sometimes I’m just lazy and think I will paint up the rest at some time in the future :sweat_smile:).


Really nice multibases, particularly like the barricades! Great stuff.


That legion in particular! Great work on the tide of orcs.

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Next thing painted up for my orc army is my Giant orc. For some reason orcs never stop growing, they just usually end up dying on the battlefield before getting very very big. And for some reason they also have access to some very big swords. Well enough talk, more pictures…


that is some sweet sculpt, and nicely painted . Fabulous!

i have generally concluded that so long as the base looks full, and it is obvious what it represents, it’ll be fine. yours have that big wall taking up space, so it still looks suitably full. had the wall not been there and there just been the figures, i think people would be upset.

So finally got around to some more painting, not much…but better than nothing! Kids and work take to much hobby time from med these days :sweat_smile:
2 godspeakers, one on foot and one mounted on a Gore. Enjoy :blush:!


they look great


They look fantastic.

The shaman on foot is possibly my favourite Orc miniature!

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Particularly great skin tone on those heroes :green_heart:

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Man, that giant is so cool. Where did you get that sculpt?

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Cheers man, appreciate it. The model is called Sköll by Kimera Models.

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I was about to ask the same thing!

Great painting on all these models :slight_smile:

Especially Skoll too, as I prefer how you’ve done it to any of the photos on their site even! :smiley: (probably cos it’s green! )

That’s the MOM totem too right? (I really want that too, it’s always out of stock when I try and get it tho!)

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That giant Orc is absolutely gorgeous… well, as much as a giant Orc can be.

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