Trogdors orcs

Thanks alot, everything is better green :sweat_smile::wink:
Actually the totem is from, didn’t know mom miniatures had orc scenery. Pretty cool scenery they have on their site.


Ahhh that’s the one. Yeah I have big list of stuff I want to get one day, and MiniMonsters scenery is definitely on it! :smiley: Thank you for explaining :slight_smile:

And yeah, I really like their stuff, but MOM’s site is sadly rather good at making sure you don’t notice all the things they have, so I’m not surprised if you or anyone else missed all their scenery pieces.

So I finished up a couple of orc ax units today. Not sure if I will use them as regiments or horde, but now I have different options in my army. The orcs were halfway painted almost 20 years ago, so gave them a quick and dirty paint job. Unfortunetly I discovered when I painted the base rim black on one of the regiments, that it was not flat and I could see the mdf base protruding out from the styrofoam/rock. So might need to ad som putty and make it look better .
Some pictures


Those bases! And I love when Orc units are big piles of mayhem :100:


very nice

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Thanks. Thats the way I wanted them to look like. A big pile of unorganised war hungry orcs :joy: . I can’t Imagine them in ranks and flanks…to stupid and to eager to get into combat to wait for their “comrades” …


So here comes an update for what I painted the last month or so… 2 regiments of Orc Gore Riders running through muddy waters/moat. Tried to do some water effects /splashing where the Gores ran through the water. Pretty satisfied by how it went, since it was the first time I did it.


Excellent miniature painting and the bases look super.

Did you use hot glue for the splash effects?

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Thanks for the comments @Niall78 . I basically just put down a flat layer of resin mixed with som resin dye. After that had dried, I cut out some transparent plastic strips, that I heated over a flame (without burning it, to make it curl up like water). I glued these down in the resin with some cut out fishing wire. And the last i did was covering everything up with vallejo water effects mixed with dye.
I did some tests with hot glue, but I didn’t have enough control for the shapes. :blush: