Twilight Kin teases and hints

There’s a new video.


New chariots that float, through the void and just above the ground.
With some talk of a shooting upgrade that does broadsides.
I like that it’s a cool new idea, but that leaves room for old models.

Also concept art:

Plus a render:

At the end of the video Kyle says the next video is on core infantry: the corsairs and void touched.

I would guess that the corairs are something between salamander corsairs and gladestalkers.

Void touched sound like a possible answer to this question:


As standalone models they look fun - how they fit with everything else might be a bit weird?

Shooting chariots (which usually have less ranged attacks than in melee) should have option for flank shots - it was sort of the reason they were used IRL? :wink:


Makes me wonder if it’s going to be a dual box like the butchers and reapers? Also curious if the neophytes will be featured?

Regardless, I’m hyped for the release and have purposely captured the hobby butterfly in a jar in preparation for October.


The LGT event will be the first time to see/get hands on the the TK stuff from what i gather.

I like a lot of what’s been previewed, but i do like finding alternative stuff that works. Depending on what actually is in the army list could see getting some alongside my NS.


It does look like Mantic is making a point of getting the most out of plastic kits by making them dual kits.


Not entirely, but I’ll start a new thread to talk about chariots to make sure this one doesn’t get derailed.

Edit: topic on chariots here.


Looks like Goblin Gaming have the Twilight Kin in their pre-orders; sadly no pictures :cry: , with a total of 12 items including the usual Ambush Strater, Army & Mega Army. There is also a 2-player box with Abyssal Dwarfs and Twilightkin called The Raging Void.

Looking at the army set, Corsairs and Voidtouched are separate sprues
1 Twilight Kin Army pack contains:

  • 1 Twilight Kin A5 12pg mini-magazine
  • 4x corsair frame
  • 2x impaler frame
  • 2x voidtouched frame
  • 1x resin void captain

The Voidtouched come with a larger multibase, so possibly Heavy Infantry. 4 frames sounds too much for cavalry.
1 Twilight Kin Voidtouched Regiment pack contains:

  • 4x Voidtouched Frame
  • 2x 125x50mm mdf bases

The Void Skiffs include a Coarsair frame
1 Twilight Kin Void Skiff Regiment pack contains:

  • 3x void skiff frame
  • 1x corsair frame

Also, an interesting unit named Voidwranglers which gives an interesting mix of Voidtouched and Nightstalker Reapers
1 Twilight Kin Voidwranglers pack contains:

  • 2x Corsairs Frame
  • 1x Reaper Frame
  • 2x 125x50mm mdf bases

sexy stuff, thanks


Couple of teaser sprue shots.

Impailers (which are now Large Infantry) and the Void-touched


Thanks @Sceleris!

For the record; those are from this video.

It also includes shots of void skiff sprues:

And the corsairs that crew them:


I’m sure there were other spoilers on the Clash UK stream that I missed but Ronnie said that the Void Skiffs will be US2.


Looking at the Corsairs, I think I’m glad Mantic have kept and improved upon the unnaturally slender aesthetic of their Elves, as opposed to pointy-eared humans with sharp facial features, though it’s difficult to visualise how the power stance will look on a finished model. Makes me think of Bruce Dickinson when he’s belting out a verse. Or maybe they should be modelled riding disturbingly shaped surfboards?


We have a pre-order announcement!
they’re heeeeerrrrreeeee
-horror movie quote is a nice touch.

Here’s the list of kits/units I’ve seen:
Mikayel, Lord of Nightmares (resin)
Butcher Fleshripper (PVC)
Navigator (resin)
Void Captain (resin)
Resin Summoner Crone on Mare (resin)
Soulbane (PVC)

Corsair Voidwalkers/Fleetwardens (hard plastic)
Impalers (hard plastic)
Voidtouched Mutants/Weavers (hard plastic)
Void Skiffs with Corsair Crew (hard plastic)
Void Wranglers (mix of hard plastic sprues from other kits)

Gordrake (PVC Body and Wings, resin head and resin Gore Drake Base)

From the announcement thumbnail, some nightstalkers in the list too:
-note the butcher fleshripper in the list above too.

Now for a dump of pictures:


Thanks for sharing so promptly!
Beat me to it while I was compiling pictures

Fortunately it looks like it’s just the void skiff crew with that stance. Kinda surfing indeed!


Its the same corsair sprue in the voidskift unit, so there will be a few floating around with that stance!

Interesting to see the rules - based on the models it looks like lots of pretty light infantry backed up by heavier units like the impalers and butchers


The Corsair sprue is there to make Crew for the ships

and I guess we will see some nice models putting those in

Also already thinking about ideas on how to replace Soulflayer Cavalry with Surfboards or Ships


If you don’t put sunglasses on those Void Surfers I will be thoroughly disappointed.


All in all it looks like a solid release. I can already envision how I can tie them in with my Nightstalkers :slight_smile:

My only criticism would be some of the hairstyles for the corsairs, but this is more of a personal aesthetic. I mean, given the inspiration for the design, the new metal/emo one-eye-covering-forward-hair-flick seems a bit cliched.

On a different note, the Mantic one-click bundle seems like a good deal. Looks like they offer 34,000 reward points so would be a saving of approx £54. I think


First of the rule teasers - via Countercharge pod

Impalers. SP5 wild charge D3. Me3. DEF 4 big shield. crush/1, elite. 9 attacks and-14 for regiment 18 attacks and -17 for horde.

Navigator character gives different keyword units different auras. For Impalers its stealthy and spellward then vicious as they carry 2 key words. he can ride a skiff too (so presumably chariot upgrade)