Twilight Kin teases and hints

Redesigned and hopefully unique to Pannithor Twilight Kin are due later this year and are looking interesting. So I thought I’d collect the hints and art Mantic have been releasing here.
Let me know if I missed something and please comment if you have some insight (from a bit of lore, for example), hope to see something (like extra nightstalker sculpts, separate butchers please) or just have some speculation or opinion to add (please keep it positive though).

As far as I can tell the new along the lines of current TK, but more nightstalkers involed. The art is looking quite dark, in a way that nightstalker players would probably like.

From the original announcement
We got an old picture of Mantic Twilight Kin models, an old bit of art with reapers in the background and the new art of dark elf with a pet butcher.

images (1)

Then we got a Twilight Kin warrior in the article about what’s coming in 2023 along with a pun about “The Void”

Most recently we got this picture as upcoming villains in the new Dungeon Saga.